Saturday 2 February 2008


This meeting will be open to all so if you are interested and fancy a short break in beautiful Devon please consider popping along.

Scientific and Medical Network
(Exploring the frontiers of Science, Medicine, Spirituality & Human Experience)

The Devon and Cornwall Branch, presents...

Is there life after death?

*A presentation by Anthony Peake,author of, ‘Is There Life After Death? - The extraordinary science of what happens when we die’. Talking about his theory titled, ‘Cheat the Ferryman’, Anthony puts forward a scientific, challenging and revolutionary explanation on what happens to consciousness at the point of physical death.

*A presentation by William Murtha, author of the forthcoming book, ‘Dying for a Change’, talking about his personal near-death experience, which vividly describes the emotional, physiological and psychological impacts that he experienced. He will also give a brief update on worldwide studies, into the fascinating and ever-expanding scientific field of research into near-death experiences.

Saturday 16th February 2008.
(Begins 12pm, ends 3-30pm. With break for lunch 1-15 till 2)

**Light Refreshments Available**

Venue…Bogan House, Totnes (Opposite Civic Square)
*(SMN members £3 Non-members £4)


SM Kovalinsky said...

I am certainly very envious of all who will get to be present and participate. I trust that there will be other opportunities in the future, possibly over here in the New York City area when the new book comes out. . .

Karl Le Marcs said...

I'd LOVE to attend, given I missed most of Bill Murtha's presentation at the Manchester SMN last year (after arriving late owing to a HELLISH train journey).
Any chance of a coach party being organised, or failing that, a few of us getting together for the trip.
I can personally vouch for the SMN meetings and Tony's lectures.
Anyone interested?