Sunday 10 February 2008

Deja Vu

I was looking out of the window as a small child when I saw the man from next door in his wedding suit. As i looked at him, I could see he had a black eye. His face was beaten. The groom wasn't looking good. The odd thing was even as a small child, I knew I had seen this exact scene before. In fact I knew with 100% certainty that not only had i seen this before - it was actually a dream i had about a couple of weeks previously.

This is one of many, many experiences like it.



Hurlyburly said...

This reminds me of a film....

*Now it's possible that some of the regular posters may be shocked by this display of typical individual and creative thought on my part*

but the end scene of 12 monkeys? Where Bruce Willis looks into his own eyes. There's a theme of a circular time loop in there that's similar to Tony's theory. Deja vu is hard to put into words, in fact it's acknowledged as one of, if not "the" hardest concepts to describe or explain.

"The movie never changes but you do"

Or something to that effect, says Bruce Willis's charatcer after having the haunting feeling that he had seen it before. Your post was very encapsulating and i hope my reply was helpful, please forgive my worrying talent to compare everything to something i've seen in a movie!

Tonight i'm going to watch Deja Vu for the second time(no joke intended, i really am), i remember it being quite good.

*is that a smirk?*

Anthony Peake said...

Welcome to the blog and your first posting. I wish you the best of luck with your new site and I hope that some of members of our little ITLADIAN community here check it out.

It is really weird. I have tried to watch Twelve Monkeys twice and both times I didn't get to the end. I have been told many times that this movie is very itladian in its philosophy. Indeed I am hopeful that at some stage I will make contact with Terry Gilliam (we have one mutual contact - the script writer of the new Philip K Dick biography movie). Gilliam seems to have some relevant ideas not only expounded in Twelve Monkeys but also in some of his other movies such as Brazil. However I am sure with the death of Heath Ledger he has enough other things to think about (for example what does he now do with his in-production movie 'The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus' when Heath was the lead actor.

Hurlyburly said...

Tony, Tony, Tony.... (similar band by that name i do believe!)

How do i take you seriously when you havn't seen 12 monkeys!!! Ok, my apologies, i'm kidding, but seriously, go watch it now, RIGHT NOW, don't want to here any of that i'm busy crap either!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

I really should extract my nose from all these books and actually try to watch some of these films shouldn't I??

Hurlyburly said...

Erm... yes.