Thursday 17 April 2008

Daemonic Awareness and Schizophrenia (2)

I contacted Professor Nasrallah with regard to his theory. Not only did Henry respond but he was also kind enough to send me a pdf of the original 1985 paper. I have now read this and it contains a great deal of supportive material with regard to my contention that there is 'leakage' of daemonic perception across the corpus callosum into eidolonic consciousness. The greater this information transfer the more confused and lost the Eidolon becomes. Perceiving the world through the senses of the Daemon is to access the 'reality behind the reality' - the Bohmian IMAX - in all its holographic intensity.

I intend to place a more detailed posting on Henry's paper in due course. However for now Henry has agreed to me publishing on this blog his response to my email. I asked if the quote I had used in my previous posting was correct and did he still hold that position. He replied:

'The quote is accurate and was taken from a paper I wrote over 20 years ago to explain the Schneiderian delusions of schizophrenia in which afflicted individuals are convinced that someone is inserting thoughts into their heads or withdrawing thoughts or that their thoughts are broadcast to the whole world. They also have the delusion that their behavior, motility and will are controlled by “an outside force”.

I postulated that the verbally dominant left hemisphere [which is used for communications in right handed people ] in schizophrenia is actually describing the effects of the disinhibition of the right hemisphere resulting in DYSCONNECTION [not DISCONNECTION] with the left hemisphere. I postulate that a callosotomy would actually cure these symptoms because the two hemispheres would no longer communicate and the “intrusions” by the right hemisphere would no longer occur into the left hemispheric consciousness.'

Thanks Henry.


Karl Le Marcs said...


I'm reminded, given your post and these recent developments, of the very first post I ever wrote for the blog waaayyy back in July 2007 regarding James Tilly Matthews (the world's first fully documented case of paranoid schizophrenia).

Here is a link to the original post:

And it is worth reconsidering my "Misallignment of the Bohmian IMAX" theory towards Mental Illness in the context of Professor Nasrallah's words.

I think we could be onto something revolutionary here: What do you think?

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...

Not sure if the link function is working!!

Here is the address of the original post: schizophrenic-influencing-machine-in.html

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ra from ca said...

Are there any cases where schizophrenics have had acallosotomy and if so what were the results? If not why not? My reading about Sperry's studies suggests that disconnecting the two halves doesn't seem to have ill-effects, but I am suspicious. Are there no ill-effects when the connection goes?

Secondly, slightly off topic: how does the left brain/right brain and eidelon/daemon dyad theory deal with brains that are different e.g. only one section and I provide this link to a discussion about brains that are vastly different but in some cases people seem to function at high levels anyway.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Ra from Ca;
Regarding your question re the Corpus Callosotomy surgical procedure and the atypical brain functions relating to Left/Right brain communications:

In documented cases of completed Corpus Callosotomy, the epileptic seizures and experiences of altered realities become less severe or disappear altogether because seizures that start in one half of the brain are stopped from spreading to the other half. But it also leaves an interesting side effect in its wake.

Split brain research contributed immense evidence for the concept of brain lateralization. Information coming from the left half of the body is received by the right side of the brain, and information from the right side of the body is received by the left hemisphere. Depending on the type of information, processing takes place in either side of the brain; for example information regarding language and speech functions are specialzed and carried out primarily in the left hemisphere. This is where split brain patients with severed hemispheric connections show their shortcomings. For instance, an object presented while the right eye is closed (for example, a spoon) is still perceived, but the patient fails to name it out loud because the object in the left visual field is perceived in the right hemisphere and speech is left hemisphere dominant.
These effects are masked in the day to day life of patients because both eyes are involved in perception. What it does show is how the two hemispheres are independent; to the point where speculations, such as Tony's Daemon-Eidolon Dyad, to whether the two hemispheres are two different personalities have been put forward.

ra from ca said...

Yes I am familiar with the studies but this is what I am missing in terms of info. If I ask you Mr or Ms split brain are you aware of the other brain in your body, what do they say? What do they feel? I relize they seem to function by all reports. Do they become a Multiple personality where one takes over. Are they fighting for control over the rest of the body? Is anybody studying these people? You say they share eye function. Does that make it better. Have you noticed that even normal people seem to have a different look on both sides of their body. Some people are incredibly marked that way. I wonder if that would become more dramatic with these people?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Ra from Ca;
Ruth, in my experience, split brain patients become, in effect, two separate personalities. Not interracting like those living with Schizophrenia, but two distinctly autonomous consciousnesses.
Whether one become dominant over the other however is a debatable point!!!