Wednesday 2 April 2008

Proposed Second Life Meeting

Over the last few months we have developed from a handful of individuals to a fascinating and ever extending group of like-minded souls spread across the globe. In many ways this adds to the buzz of the blog but in other ways it is a major restriction. By this I mean that a meeting of all of us would be impossible in the 'real world' . However after meeting up with Karl L Le Marcs, Hurly Burly, Its Cool To Care and Aloha Gary recently we all agreed that a meeting in Cyberspace should be arranged.

We could use Second Life as the tool by which this meeting could happen. As Karl said today at our meeting in yet another British Pub - The Bridge Inn in the very beautiful Port Sunlight - Second Life would be the perfect venue for a group of individuals interested in the possible illusory nature of external 'reality' (this 'Russian Doll' type scenario actually reminds me of a short story by Jorge Borges - we meet in a 'real' illusory reality to discuss the possibility that the real real reality is itself an illusion!!!)

Indeed I know the perfect illusory Second Life Location to meet. A pub called "Flanagan's Apple" located in Second Life's Version of Liverpool. In fact, to make it even more bizarre a group of us located over here in the UK could take our laptops to the real Flanagan's Apple and log-on remotely from there.

I suggest "Flanagan's Apple" because in the Second Life Version of this pub is a poster on the wall - a poster of my book! Now how Post Modernist and weird can this get?

What do you guys think about this weirdly itladian idea? Who knows, we may even be able to get some local radio or TV coverage on this Matrix-like scenario.


Karl Le Marcs said...

BLIMEY Tony! You got that post up rather quickly didn't you?
Good Lord, I was probably still lounging in the pub!
Only just got back home.
*shakes fist at public transport*
It's Thatcher's fault!!!

Anyway, I would suggest that you may need to explain, or put a link to, exactly what "Second Life" is, as I'm sure that some will be unaware of its importance.
*whispers to Tony: (immersion of self within knowledge with no a priori indicator of recipient understanding)*
[he'll know what I'm talking about]

AND I would hope that, as we discussed earlier, this would be an ideal opportunity to gain the involvement of those such as Karl Pribram in this blog, for his work on Consciousness and the holographic model is not only ITLADian, but also foresaw the likes of "Second Life" by many many years.

And finally - before I leg it to the nearest Chinese Takeaway (as I'm famished) - your Borges analogy reminds me of our much discussed fellow writer Phillip K Dick and his tale "The Man In The High Castle".

*slams closed laptop lid and dashes towards door in the now legendary Woody Woodpecker fashion*

ken said...

I'm in. But I first must complete repairs on my computer so that I have the quantum power to make the leap into this alternate universe. Just need to make the choice to cut a wire that is hindering the removal of the motherboard.

Anthony Peake said...

Karl: Thanks for pointing this out. I will amend the posting to reflect more info on SL. Richard has just sent me a SL photo of one of his avatars at Flanagans Apple showing that the poster is still up. I will 'post' it on my next posting (how many times can I get the word 'post' in a posting). Hope you enjoyed your chinese.

I will also contact Karl pRibram today.

Ken: This could be a really interesting event. Hope your 'surgery' went okay.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony, I do like the concept of several of us being on laptops sitting in the "real" pub while the Second Life meeting takes place, this is the kind of thinking that these concepts require AND is something that I think you can get some interesting media coverage from (with an eye on September 7th).
Will talk more off blog but as you would no doubt expect, I have a few other ideas.
*smiles and writes couple of quick notes in my mysterious little black book*