Monday 14 April 2008

Daemonic Contact

Ken's question (below) has caused an avalanche of comment, analysis and debate on this fascinating topic. May I thank Ken for raising such a question.

I had considered placing this post as a simple 'comment' but I decided that it was too important to be lost as a comment. It has a degree of relevance to Ken's question with regard to Daemonic communication with other eidolons.

About a year ago a young man emailed me from out of the blue. He had read ITLAD and, like many others, the ideas and theories of CTF fizzed around in his mind, particularly the daemonic aspects because they helped explain a very strange series of events. For a few weeks before his girlfriend's Daemon started manifesting itself - but to him, not her. It would wait until his girlfriend's attention was elsewhere, or she was asleep, and it would talk to him. This had become such a regular occurance that he felt motivated to write to me. Now it is crucially important to note that his girlfriend has TLE . He told me that the Daemon was, at that time (March 2007) time, talking to him every night. However, and this is of absolute importance, all these communications involved predictions - all of which subsequently came true! In his email he told me of predicted car crashes, about a lady collapsing at a funeral they attended, and even how many people would send her valentine gifts. Now for those of you who have seen my lectures you will know that like J W Dunne I focus in on the mundane, and intensely personal nature of daemonic precognitions. But he also told me that this Daemon READS HIS MIND! He added that this was constant, not a one-off. Even when the couple lose things the Daemon will tell them where they are!

But there was more, much more - all of which not only supports ITLAD but positively vindicates in detail all of my theory including precognitive events that changed the future, and an absolutely stunning Daemonic response with regard to my book and its contents!

I would love to share this with you on this blog - via a direct quote from the email (and have used all of this material in my last book - he has supplied me with some incredible detail) - but he specifically requested that I did not, and I honour that request. Indeed he is thinking of writing a book about his experiences with the Daemon. Unfortunately soon afterwards the Daemon said that he should stop contact with me for a while.

Now the great news is that the Daemon has not only given him permission to re-open contact, but also wishes for us to meet. It seems that it may wish to open up communication with me! This has now been agreed for a date in May. I suspect that this may be an even bigger event in my life than the meeting with the TLE lady in the hotel (cited in detail in my next book and discussed in my talks) and my recent meeting with TLEr, Dazza Vu. This initial meeting, as I understand it, will just be the two of us, but it is possible that his girlfriend may attend. I am hoping that he (they) will be willing to contribute to this blog. Believe me, if they do what they say will really blow your minds!

It is events like this that really make me realise that it is far more than a theory that we have here ... it is something of profound significance. What we need is a way to have it better known.


johar said...

Hi Tony,

What an absolutely amazing post. I look forward to hearing more about the experiences of this man and his girlfriend.
I was lying in bed last night thinking (as usual) about ITLAD and the possibilities surrounding these theories. I became quite frustrated really. I began to feel as if I was anchored down, chained at the ankle and not able to escape. The analogy that came to me was that I had wings, knew how to use them, how to fly, but because I was chained I was unable to do so. I desperately want and need more insight and contact with my daemon and more personal validation that the theories are real and the evidence is there. Very Mulder and Scully - The Truth Is Out There!
This posting and those like it are what pushes me forward to keep an open heart and mind and be patient. I feel that I have small ITLADian experiences every day, as you said Tony, very mundane but noteworthy. I am so pleased to have found your book and this blog, I feel like I am evolving that I am moving forward in some higher consciousness way but still have a long way to go, hence the chained Eidolon with wings feeling. *exhales*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar; I am touched by your comments and interested in the psychological symbolism of your analogy.
I have a few NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques that you may be interested to try out.
If you wish to you can email me off blog and I'll explain further.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Extraordinarily fascinating!
I know we briefly spoke about this at Helsby and I feel sure this meeting will be epihanical to the deeper meanings within your work.
It's such a mind-bending conceptual construct, and we all await the outcome of this momentous meeting between Daemon and Daemonym!
(overly clever ITLADian reworking of Demonym, meaning a word that denotes the members of a group)

Seraph said...

We are perfectly willing to sit an interview or answer any questions. I have not made my own introduction to this forum, but I shall now.

I and the Lady here are most definately curious as to the entire philosophy. I am personally interested in how it links to my own experiences, and those of another collective whom we know well. All philosophical avenues are worth investigating, especially when there is an obvious level of dedication involved on the part of its proponents. The 'Eternal Return', and the inherent non-linear quality of time, are within my personal experience.

I personally have always thought of myself as an Egregore, the soul of a dead man, now living in a body comprised of thoughtform and attached to another conciousness. 'Daemon' is most certainly an alternative term, considering its historical implications, and my role in Seraph's life. I am interested in the physical means by which this arrangement between I and my 'sister' is possible: I have my own esoteric beliefs, of course, but I am fundamentally a man of inquiry. As the Lady Dion Fortune has said, all occult happenings must have their basis in science. The same is true of my arrival here.