Thursday 10 April 2008

Second Life - Dummy Run 1.

For those who are interested I will be in Second Life this afternoon from 1530 (UK time) onwards. This will be in just over two and a half hours time. I will locate myself in the bar in Flanagan's Apple in Matthew Street. You can find this location by simply doing a search on 'Matthew Street'. My Avatar is Daemon Bohm. I will be the guy with the 'Cheating The Ferryman' teeshirt and the weird grey mullet hair cut. (I allow myself to grow my hair longer in cyberspace - oh, and I give myself more to start with as well).

I note that there is now a voice facility on SL. I have not used it but I will have my microphone and speakers on just in case we can make direct contact.


Hurlyburly said...

I just opened an account but i can't install the software at work so i will have to miss this one i'm afraid.

What's with the "making you pick one of their last names"?

That's hardly fair, i picked the one that looked a lot like "Wine-Bar"

Karl Le Marcs said...

I too am unable to attend owing to me being away from home at present and stuck on my aged writing laptop which has a graphics card with the capacity of a 3 year old with a purple crayon!

I can log on to Second Life but whenever I try to move the whole system crashes down around me. (There is surely some deeply existential allegory in there somewhere - Kafka perhaps?)

I should have been a Luddite !
(or maybe I was)

*shakes fist at modern technology*

SM Kovalinsky said...

It seems there is nothing but trouble with 2nd life: I set up the whole thing, created an avatar identity, downloaded all the software, and it won't accept my password. Simply will not let me in. Only Jesamyn has had any luck, so it is ill-fated, save for her. . .

Jesamyn said...

Hey!!! I cant really make head nor tail of it (although I must go there NOT champagne-infused!!) and Work work work intrudes ALL the time... but the idea is soooo fascinating.. we HAVE to work it out!!!
cheers to you all
Jesamyn xx

Karl Le Marcs said...

*Hee Hee*

I love the way you've all adopted several of my little ways of "talking" but I'm especially joyful of Sweet Jesamyn and her adaption of my "ale-infused" ramblings to her much more decadent "champagne-infused" musings.

And in the immortal words of Liverpool's favourite sons The Beatles: "We can work it out"

*smiles to my Anipodean Angel*

Anthony Peake said...

Hi folks,
Four of us managed to get together yesterday in Flanagans Apple. Jon Watts, Its Cool To Care, Ramadamadingdong (not a full member of this blog yet) and myself. I know that Robin also turned up and had just missed us.

We tested a few things out and will probably try again this afternoon (11th). We need to find ways of making the verbal communication facility work. It is possible that we may be able to use SKYPE.

I know that "Its Cool" was going to check a few things out last night. Lets see wj=hat he comes up with.

Hurlyburly said...

Stooooopid work and their stoooopid no fun rules...

Jesamyn said...

Oh Hurly I forgot that I agree with you re names!!! Very Germanic(not that there's anything WRONG with that!!). Makes me feel even more a part of (The Godfather husky voice)
*The Family*and we know who OUR Godfather is!!!!!
See You all at Flanagan's Apple... it MUST be thus!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Sweet Jesamyn!
*adopting the now legendary puffed out cheeks and gently menacing Italian accent*
"Never tell anybody outside the family what you're thinking again."
[Don Corleone to Sonny]

The surnames on Second Life that you have the option of choosing seem to change fairly regularly.
They must have had a particularly teutonic programmer on shift last week!!!
Jesamyn Von Kilinkerhoffen!

When I registered for Second Life (a dog's age ago) the names where seemingly ordinary, but I need to adopt a new name as I can't use the old one without drawing a crowd (don't ask)

But we will get our day around an Olde Oak Table in an Olde English Pub together, ale and champagne-infused.