Friday 25 April 2008

food for thought!!!

I want to first explain that jeevan’s/self`s constitution stays same forever. Everyone wants to know jeevan (self) and wants to seek its fulfillment.
Jeevan is neither physiochemical, nor is it something ethereal.
Jeevan is an atom, a constitutionally-complete atom.
What is constitutional-completeness? A constitutionally-complete atom (or jeevan) neither expels-out nor does it admit-in any subatomic particles. Its constitution continues to be the same – forever. Whereas, the atoms participating in physiochemical natural-formations exhibit expelling and admitting of sub-atomic particles - which result into their numerous constitutions as different types of constituting-atoms.
Change can happen in the number of sub-atomic particles in a constituting-atom. It’s the only kind of change possible in existence – and there’s no other kind of change. Changes which a human-being can make happen - are also limited to changing the number of sub-atomic particles through expelling or imbibing activities in constituting-atoms.Constituting-atoms are of two kinds - hungry-atoms and emissive-atoms. The atoms which need (hunger for) imbibing more sub-atomic particles have been named here as “hungry-atoms”.
The atoms from which some sub-atomic particles are inclined for emission are called here as “emissive-atoms”. In this way, both kinds of atoms exhibit their activities towards becoming fulfilled or constitutionally-complete
.A constitutionally-complete atom is with fulfilled-constitution, so that it has no further need for admittance or expelling of subatomic particles. This constitutionally-complete atom itself is conscious-entity. It’s named as conscious-entity or jeevan – as it has required capabilities for completely realizing knowing-ability and sensual-ability. Even if man could somehow compose a body-formation (in laboratory) - in the absence of jeevan there would be no way of realizing sensual-ability in it, leave aside knowing-ability.
Humankind’s living in orderliness and its participancy in overall orderliness is an outcome of its realizing both knowing-ability and sensual-ability. All animals realize sensual-ability. There’s no way for a human-being to achieve fulfillment (or happiness) – without realizing knowing-ability.Desire for happiness is inalienable from human-being. In our attempts to fulfill this desire – we sometimes imagine of achieving happiness through comforts and hoarding, or through worshipping and renunciation. All attempts of everyone are for achieving fulfillment (or happiness) – but there’s no proof (or evidence) of anyone’s attempts becoming successful. humans are one when right, and are many when wrong. For whole humankind to be one – there was a need to identify the carrier of rightness which is common for all humans. I have recognized that commonality as Jeevan.


Karl Le Marcs said...

For "Jeevan" we could also seemingly read "subjective particle of consciousness" as I posit in my theory Collapsing the Consciousness Wave???

And you state "....humans are one when right, and are many when wrong", which agrees with my assertion that whilst we are all subjective particles of consciousnes, collectively we interract and form the totality of objective consciousness which resides on the Consciousness Field.

I have some issues with your comments regarding humanity being incapable of achieving happiness or fulfillment as these are conceptual states and thus open to subjective definition.

What makes one man sad may make another blissfully contented. So whilst I can not agree with those specific comments, your depiction of "Jeevan" is enlightening
(pun very much intended, obviously)

Rosh said...

If anything makes one sad and the other happy then it is not happiness at all but the illusion of happiness(maya)... true happiness is universal, its complete and it is is striving for continous bliss...which is so evasive...coz of the very fact that he is striving so hard....he HAS to learn to let let live and live!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Then your idyll of happiness in universality is illusionary in itself and, by definition, impossible as it excludes the inherent subjective nature of individual happiness.

Happiness of Mankind is therefore a metaphysical concept and unattainable, whereas Happiness of Man is subjective and thus attainable.

In the words of another Dark Philosopher
(this one from Knotty Ash):

The greatest gift that I possess.
I thank the Lord that I've been blessed,
With more than my share of happiness.