Thursday 17 April 2008

More International Editions of ITLAD

My publisher has just informed me that they had a very succesful time at the London Book Fair. Agreements have now been made for Spanish (Kairos Editorial) and Czech (Dobrovsky Knihy) language editions of ITLAD - to join the Russian, Dutch and Polish editions. This is great news because with regard to the Spanish edition it opens up ITLAD not only to Spain but all of central and Latin America (excluding Belize, Brazil British Guyana and Dutch Guyana I assume). Clearly if things go well this will mean that my next book will probably go into international editions fairly quickly. I am also excited about the Czech deal because we are now becoming quite strong in Eastern Europe.

All very exciting ......


Robin said...

Great news! Congrats Tony! I can now reccomend ITLAD to a couple of friends in South America. How long 'til these editions are available?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Just watch those Cheques/Checks/Czechs role in!!!

FANTASTIC news Tony, this is sure to expand the IAIP (International Association of ITLADian Philosophers).