Thursday 24 July 2008

The New Tao of Physics - New Scientist

F. David Peat has a PhD in theoretical physics, and worked with David Bohm (of Imax fame *chortle*) and co-authored 'Science, Order and Creativity' with him, among many other serious Quantum treatise. check them out here:
So it is with great delight that I found this story of his discovery of indigenous ways of being, 'coming-to-knowing' and direct experience of things, that we might call science, and his positive take on how much there is to learn from the non-western point of view.
He has even created a more holistic approach to the reading of the book, which is not simply fact after fact, but is cleverly written to require some rumination, some fine wine or abbotts ale, to fully digest and take in the deepness and subtlety of the ideas and mull over the contrasts of ways of being between western and indigenous peoples. More than once it made my head stretch (or was that the wine? ;-)
Worth a look!
PS Times Literary Supplement said: 'Peat finds constant parallels between the wisdom of ...elders and Heisenberg and Bohm'


Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloha Gary: Thanks for this.
F.David Peat has been mentioned a few times on Blog, most recently here (in my initial comment to the post)

Simple CTF Question
[by RAC]

And Tony and I have also discussed Peat (most memorably while staggering out of Flannagan's Apple when you yourself were there Gary)


Anthony Peake said...

GARY:You will be delighted to know that it is highly likely that David will read your posting here (I will e mail him now to let him know). David and I are in sometime contact and have been so for about five years. I have an invitation to visit his training Centre in Pari if I am in the area.

Indeed as a fellow Merseysider/Wirralian (David was brought up in Heswall although he is Liverpool born) he has aked my advice about getting some lecture venues over here in the North West. I acted as a catalyst in putting David and John Gorman (of TISWAS and Scaffold fame)in contact.

I am sure that next time he is "home" we may be able to arrange a meeting. He is very much a potential itladian so any small nudge would be helpful.

Aloha Gary said...

hi Tony,

wow! is there no-one you and Karl dont know? *steps back and bows down*

well if he were up for speaking to our Inspiring Evenings crowd about some kind of science & spirit parallels then I would be very up for inviting him to Chester, Manchester and Liverpool!

(And PS thank you very much for your riveting talk in Liverpool last week - I feel it gets MORE useful the more often I hear it, not less! And the Chester folks are looking forward to your next talk there on the 6th!


Rosh said...

ALOHA GARY: i dont know why you have chosen your name to be ALOHA.but i think u know that it means compassion, mercy and love!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Roshni: Gary is a Hawaiian Huna Practitioner and thus ALOHA, as is reflected in his wonderful shirts and his fondness for grass skirts!
(but that is another matter)
*winks at Gary*

Rosh said...

Karl:OH! that explains the name ALOHA...Wow!yes, i would like to add that ive learnt Reiki,and it truly helps those who allow themselves to be openminded!
another one of those sychn.....

Anthony Peake said...

Just to let you know that Professor Peat has joined the FORUM. You will now have the opportunity to maybe discussn issues with this great theoretical physicist (and biographer and close friend of no other than David Bohm - in whose honour I use the term "Bohmian IMAX").

Aloha Gary said...

Aloha Roshni,

thank you for your question, and apologies for taking so long to get back to you, it seems I've had a summer blog sabbatical brought on by visiting USA

just to confirm that Karl is correct, I have the good fortune to be a lineage holder of the Hawaiian tradition, sometimes known as Huna in the West.

The words you use are indeed possible short hand explanations of Aloha, and as in many ancient languages there are in fact so many meanings at the deeper levels that it would take several days to even scratch the surface, and a whole lifetime to learn how to 'live Aloha' as so many Hawaiians do.

If you wish to send me a personal message with your email address I'd be happy to send you a brief one pager overview of Aloha meanings?

I also share ho'omanaloa which is the Hawaiian art of flowing energy symbols, which are very different to reiki, which I have also studied.

aloha e maluhia
love and peace