Wednesday 13 February 2008

Olfactory Precognisance

*or Smells Familiar*

A friend of mine, we’ll call her Emma (largely as that’s her name), is a Mental Health Service User – some of the euphemisms employed within the Mental Health sector are truly awful!

Emma lives with Schizoaffection and endures debilitating Migraines but she also has a remarkable precognitive sense:
She smells things before they happen.

Last week she related the following story to me:
Emma was shopping in Bury town centre when she was overcome by a powerful smell of tar; hot burning tar. She asked her friend, with whom she was with at the time, if they could also smell it. They could not. There were no road-works or anything around the area that could be producing the smell, which remained in Emma’s consciousness for some 15 minutes.

The following evening Emma was, for once, being treated to a night out by her normally unromantic boyfriend *smiles at Emma*. As they were turning off the motorway down the slip-road towards the cinema there was ahead of them in the road a long queue of traffic and causing the hold-up overturned oil tanker which had spilled tar all over the road. It took 15 minutes for Emma’s car to pass the vehicle during which everyone could smell the overpowering hot burning tar.

I’ve known Emma for about 4 years and she has these “smell precognitions” about 3 or 4 times a year. They are usually followed by a bad Migraine and Epileptic Auras and sure enough over this last weekend Emma suffered a Migrainal attack which lasted 3 days.

In a previous post of mine entitled "A Stunning New Look At Deja Vu" I identified scientific research being conducted into Déjà vu in a blind subject, which alongside Emma’s Olfactory Precognisance is powerful evidence when opposing the Robert Efron Temporal Perception argument of Déjà vu explanation that argues of a neuronal delay in the visual cortex of the brain whereby the empirical input through our eyes takes time to be relayed to our consciousness, occasionally over-buffering and creating the effect of Déjà vu or Deja vecu.

But here, with my post on the work done at Leeds University into Blind Déjà vu and also with Emma’s Smell Precognition we have strong evidence against the R.Efron position.

Precognition and Déjà vu are NOT dependent on solely visual input.

As Tony suggests in his book, are these experiences of Déjà vu and precognition actually our Daemon warning us of troublesome paths ahead.

Emma's Daemon gave her the signal that the smell of hot burning tar was a warning of an event that was about to occur and in typically northern girl tradition she said "Ta"


A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

Some Neurology for you:
The Olfactory Neurons within the brain are located within an area called the Limbic Region or Limbic System, which includes many structures in the Cerebral Cortex and Sub-Cortex. The Entorhinal Cortex pairs odours with memories and is an important memory centre within the brain. It forms the main input to the Hippocampus and is responsible for the pre-processing of input signals. These "stored memories" may well be the Panoramic Life Reviews of ITLADian theory and the signals we recieve are the Daemonic hand of guidance.
*removes white lab coat and re-dons clown shoes*

Karl Le Marcs said...

I failed to mention in the original post:
Thanks to Emma for giving me permission to relay her story here.
*hugs Em*

Hurlyburly said...

Ok this is very strange. At about 13.00 this afternoon i was in the garden and a certain whiff of sunshine and grass sparked several childhood memories of mine. As i am currently off work and extremely bored i automaticaly thought about posting a topic "What sense provokes more memories for you?" Smell, taste, sight, sound? (Touch generally sucks at this particular sport...generally)How bizzarre that i then come into the forum to find this little gem!

SM Kovalinsky said...

Hurly; That is very odd, and smacks of synchronicity. I have heard of the sort of story Karl describes regarding Emma: a strong memory concerning smell or sound overtakes one, and then makes an actual appearance in present time. And it seems indeed that it may be the prescient Daemon pointing to things which are shortly to occur. . .

Karl Le Marcs said...

What is most worrying of all for me is these ever increasing occurrences of mental synchronicity between HurlyBurly and I.
This is very disturbing.
*runs off screaming*

Hurlyburly said...

I just had a vision:

There's a guy, he's sitting in a pub, no wait, a library, no wait, both. He's reading Oscar Wilde, no wait, he's quoting Oscar Wilde... He's sending me money?

Go watch Hurlyburly would ya?!

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...

Oh and HurlyBurly, stop having "visions" of me. I don't mind Susan-Marie dreaming about me but your mental creations are somewhat disturbing.
*flounces off in the now traditional manner*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Regarding the Wildean pub, I wrote a short comedy once based around this pub and an old harridan
that regularly came in and disrupted the atmos.
Anyway, in my story. the new landlord had enough one evening and told the old hag that she was banned.
As she was being escorted from the establishment by two burly (and indeed hurly) gentlemen she turned and in her best Wildeanly theatrical voice shrieked.......
"A BANNED HAG!!!!!!!"

*Oh what Spooneristic joy we have known*

It's usually just me that "gets" my gags!!!!