Saturday 2 February 2008

Premonitory dream

Years ago I had a recurrent dream of stumbling in a room where the light bulb was gloomily dark and ineffectual. I go into my sister's bathroom, which has one of those high efficiency bulbs - and I stumble around in its initial gloomy light. I'm straining now to remember if I had any dreams about lottery numbers :)


Karen said...

Ha! love it!.
Hi Carenza
I often have lucid dreams mainly when I have a nap. These dreams are glimpses of the near future for me and normally of everyday things.Then one Sunday afternoon I decided I was gonna get the next weeks lottery numbers. As I lay there I started dreaming that I was laying on my bed as I looked down the bed I noticed a newspaper, this newspaper then lifted itself up and opened to a page where there was a row of big black numbers. As I started reading the numbers 14 24 .... I suddenly realised they were lottery numbers, got all excited, belly went over and abruptly woke up!. Darn! I tried to go back to this lucid dream but it just wouldn't happen every time I got to start reading off the numbers bloody belly went over! got too excited etc etc... Anyway, I wrote down the 2 numbers I remembered I also told my husband and when we checked the following weeks lottery numbers they started 14 24... He now blames me for having to get up everyday and go to work ha ha!. We laugh about it now but, if it were not for my excitement in the realisation of what was happening - who knows!?.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Karen, interesting to read that you also lucid dream. Have you read my "Last Night I Dreamt I Went To Mandalay Again" post? I would be interested to hear what your comments are.
And Carenza, the only regularly recurring dream (non lucid) that I have is I am driving a car but not from the driver's seat - it is a similar sensation to driving games on computers or in arcades, I can see down on the whole car and the road ahead but I'm "out of the car". Anyway, the car gets faster and faster and begins to go so far ahead in the road that I lose sight of it, yet remain in control. The car goes round corners and I am then driving blind. Eventually when the car has been out of my sight for a few seconds it begins to slow down and I catch up with it purring gently by the side of the road providing massive relief to me as I was sure I would hit something going so fast and not being able to see the car.
I personally analyse this to explain some of my bipolar depression in that my mind works so fast that my body cannot keep up sometimes.

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Hurlyburly said...

Me or my girlfriend had never played the lottery. A couple of months ago she had a dream about winning the lottery, however, she could only remember 3 numbers. We played it she included them 3 numbers, them 3 and them 3 only came up for us and she won £10. If she had a better memory i could be posting this from somewhere hot right now...

There have been many dream threads before this one Crenza, if you havn't already, might be worth checking them out (did i imply especially mine?i hope so..)

Karl Le Marcs said...

You above comment stunned me, wow, really can that be true??? Good Lord, I'm flabbergasted. You have a "girlfriend"? *raises eyebrows*
Ha Ha!
How frustrating the dream must have been though, very interesting.