Friday 22 February 2008

Professor Richard L Gregory

With regard to the nature of vision and how absolutely peculiar it is I strongly suggest that any interested members of this blog check out the writings of neuropsychologist Professor Richard L Gregory. This guy is one of my all-time intellectual heroes.

His books Eye and Brain: The Psychology of Seeing, Mirrors In Mind and Odd Perceptions introduced me to the idea that 'reality' and that version of reality that is presented to consciousness are very different constructs. Mirrors In Mind, when read with the fictions of Jorge Borges, can be (pun intended) quite powerful 'eye openers'.

His website is a real treasure trove of examples and academic papers, all of which are worth reading. Check it out at:


Hurlyburly said...

Anthony don't know if you will find this a bit freaky or mere slight coincidence. I clicked on the link for his website. AS i was doing this my eyes were very strained and blury. I used to have perfect eyesight but lately my eyes have been getting quite bad and in my head i'm thinking "I should google how to improve or restore eyesight". I clicked on papers and this is the first thing that came up

Recovery from Early Blindness
R. L. Gregory and Jean G. Wallace.
A case study of a man effectively blind from birth who regained sight following corneal graft when he was over 50 years of age.

Ok not quite the same thing but it made me do a double take!

great link, i shall give this the look it deserves later today when i get time

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thanks Tony for the link and info, I always enjoy being introduced to new minds (as you well know).

Anthony Peake said...

HB & Karl: Let me know what you think of his work. I contacted him on Friday and told him about how influential his work had been upon my ideas. I do not expect a reply but nevertheless I felt tthat I needed to acknowledge the fact.