Saturday 12 April 2008

Covert Operation Codename: Peake-a-boo!!

Monday April 12th 19*cough*
(The day that rocked the world)

Bill Haley & His Comets record
"Rock Around the Clock"
Big Joe Turner releases
"Shake, Rattle and Roll"
And………………Anthony Peake is born !

Happy Birthday Tony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karl L Le Marcs as Operatic Baritone:
...................................“Happy Birthday To You
Jesamyn as Kylie (in Moulin Rouge):
...................................“Happy Birthday To You” *pout*
Susan Marie as Marilyn Monroe:
..................................."Happy Birthday, Mr President” *pout*
HurlyBurly as Morrissey:
...................................“Happy Birthday To You……ooooo

Ken, Ra from Ca, It’s Cool To Care and Aloha Gary (with Hawaiian attire) all join in with a chorus of all fellow ITLADians like Johar, Dreamer and Athamandia for a repeat performance and presentation of the oversized cake, which I have been reliably informed contains both Jesamyn and Susan Marie, crouched and ready to spring !
(Their words, not mine !)

ALL who post and comment or simply those who just enjoy reading what has become an intensely stimulating, thought-process forming and fascinatingly diverse blog are very very welcome to add their comments, even if you have never done so previously: simply click on the word comments below.

Many Happy Eternal-Returns, Tony


From ALL of us, across many time-zones: which is why this has been so bleedin’ confusing to organise !!!

*blows one of them extendable twirly efforts that makes that trumpety noise*

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

Happy Birthday Tony !!!
*pulls poppers*

It’s been quite a challenge for me, whilst meeting and talking to you over the last few weeks, not to say anything about these plans.

I bet you thought I’d forgotten !!!

Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me through your incredible book and through our personal friendship. You are a great man and we share the kind of mind that stores vast amounts of disparate, and admittedly largely worthless, knowledge - but it is through you and this blog that we find the connections, and it lies within those that the most amazing ideas and thought-forms are being constantly generated.

I’ve said enough already and to be honest I need a bit of a lie down after all this covert multi time-zone synchronisation planning, so I’ll let my fellow Cyber-Birthday-Party attendees, who should be arriving any time soon with the nibbles, have their say.

Happy Birthday mate, and most importantly - Thank You.

(I’ve also emailed over to you your present)


All Hail To The Ale

Cheers !!!!!!!

*runs to the punch bowl before HurlyBurly arrives*

Karl Le Marcs said...


(she is unfortunately unable to be here right now, owing to work, but she asked me to post this comment on her behalf)

A Jungle Bird told me it was your Birthday.

As you may recall in a never ending loop of Eternal Recurrence, you once saw the world through my eyes for a brief while.

I am, as you are, willing to be Ale-Infused to celebrate the wondrous occasion of your Birthday!!!



[Jesamyn also sent me (Karl) a Virtual Birthday Card for you Tony and I have emailed the hyperlink to the card to you so you can view it privately.]

ken said...

Mr. Peake ;-)

Happy Birthday!

ra from ca said...

Happy Birthday Dear Anthony

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Your generosity and spirit are a pleasure to behold.

Thanks ever so much.

Have a great day!


ken said...

I've greatly enjoyed your book and blog and the entire cast of CHARACTERS that frequent it. I'm looking forward to your new one

SM Kovalinsky said...

WISHING THE HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO MR. ANTHONY PEAKE, & many happy returns and recurrences. . . I am one of the many who consider themselves enriched and graced by your work, and who await the publication of your second book with eagerness. It has been a privilege to come to know you, and the network of special people which the creation of your blog has spawned. When I saw your YouTube lecture series, I saw a face , "where every god did seem to set his seal, to give the world assurance of a man." Once more, HAPPY BIRTHDAY: you are worthy of every blessing. From your eternally recurring faithful reader and blogger, Susan Marie Kovalinsky

ken said...

I sincerely and anxiously hope that our paths will cross someday, somewhere, in some life. I do envy the lot of you over there across the pond who get to interact and discuss and plot and plan.

Karl Le Marcs said...

"I love it when a plan comes together"
*In the style of the late great Hannibal from The A-Team*

BIG thank you to everyone for being here.

"It's Cool To Care" and "Aloha Gary" are having problems logging onto Blogger but I hope they will be here soon also.

And if "HurlyBurly" is not out on the lash he should be here soon also.

Karl Le Marcs said...


(he is having trouble logging onto Blogger so has asked me to post this comment on his behalf)

Aloha Tony e Hau`oli Lā Hānau

Weird, Tony even has the same birthday as my Dad!
(although he's probably? younger)

But as there's no such thing as time then we should celebrate life EVERY day!


Aloha Gary

Karl Le Marcs said...


(he is also having trouble logging onto Blogger so has asked me to post this comment on his behalf)

Today is a day that my family are all celebrating with cake and candles!

Our home is full of balloons and party poppers and gifts.

All this to say, "Happy Birthday, Tony.

Sorry you couldn't have been here!

Funny thing, though... my wife tells me that it's not for Tony but for our daughter, whose birthday is today.

Perhaps she is Tony's twin?

In a universe as mysterious as all Itladians would believe, nothing is unbelievable.

It has been a pleasure to have known you... may we meet a little sooner in our next lives!

Have a good birthday.

Ed (Itscooltocare)

SM Kovalinsky said...

Hi again, Tony; My son Andrew (age 20) wanted to know if he, too, could wish you a Happy Birthday; in the 2 years since his father died, first his mother, and then he himself , have taken great comfort in your CTF theory. So if it is alright with you, I will let him write the last sentence himself: Andrew Giancarlo Kovalinsky wishes Anthony Peake a very Happy Birthday, with gratitude!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie,

HurlyBurly (in whatever ale-infused stupor he is currently in) will be pleased that he is no longer the youngest ITLADian we have here.


Hurlyburly said...

Everybody knows all the cool kids arrive fashionabley late....

Anthony, you marvelous and splendid fellow, Sting should consider himself lucky that he looks like such a creative soul. Thank you so much for writing your book.....especially for me!!!! No but seriously, *ponders making another ME refference?* , Ok seriously... Thank you for the last 9 months or so of communication we have had about life, films and all things wonderful. It has been a pleasure meeting you two times and i look forward to a third. The little community that has evolved here has flowed so naturaly and i think that is a reflection of your book and it's perception on what life's all about. Hoping you have a marvelous birthday sir and i can't wait to read your second book....and then the third....


Kay, my brain needs reloading now.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Nice of you to come mate
*clinks glasses*

Hurlyburly said...

Little house domestic that got a little OTT, my apologies for my lateness.


*Looks around*

Where is he then? Probably on that vanillia sky concoction Second Life, i downloaded that silly thing tonight and my computer nearly blew up.

SM Kovalinsky said...

And let us not forget also to thank the lovely Mr. Karl L. Le Marcs (whom I have taken to calling, "Darkish", and who my son, who is very amused by K. and much taken with him, calls, for some odd reason, "Grand Ol' Opry"): It was he who spent well over a week planning, and emailing across the globe, and figuring out how to synchronize posts from timezones in places as diverse as Sydney and New York. . . So Thank You, Karl; I drink to your long life and prosperity!!! SMK

Karl Le Marcs said...


Yeah, Second Life does require a relatively decent computer set up to work properly, my graphics card on this laptop here runs out and cries whenever I try to move my avatar.

When I used Second Life a lot a couple of years ago I had a PC similar to Deep Blue (that one that beat Garry Kasparov at Chess)

*also looks around*

I emailed Tony at our covertly organised time to tell him he had a Birthday surprise on his blog but he's more than likely fast asleep - I mean he is *cough* years old now!

*smiles at Tony*

Hope all this brings a smile to his face, and is just our way of saying Thank You and Happy Birthday.

ps (Tony: Next round is on me)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Awwwwww Bless You Dear Lady,

*raises glass in modest silence*

And please tell Andrew that Grand Ol' Opry says Hello, and that he should listen to his Mother more than he does!!!!!

Ever yours, The Darkish One.

Dreamer said...

Happy Birthday Tony.
As Carl said, Many Happy Eternal Returns! (Unless it's in fact better to have fewer returns? I'm still not sure . . . the ITLADian philosophy has forced me to view so many things in a different light, including birthdays. In any case, have a good one!)

Thanks so much for writing your books, for hosting this blog, and for inviting me to be a part of it.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Hi Dreamer,

Fantastic that you could come.

People say I'm a Dreamer.......but I'm not the only one.


Hurlyburly said...

Where'd all the booze go?

Karl Le Marcs said...


Karl Le Marcs said...

"Great Booze Up Edmond"

*comedic wink to Hurly*

Robin said...

Oh my goodness! How great to be drawn back into the fold just in time to celebrate your birthday! I must have felt something big on the horizon when, as Izzy, I had the sudden urge to look up my old friend! Happy Birthday Tony! And hello to all you fabulous ITLADians! I look forward to interacting with you all. Tony, you have a wonderful day today (and everyday)! Love, Robin

Karl Le Marcs said...

Welcome indeed Robin, it's great to have you joining us merry band of ITLADians.

I've heard a lot about you, so it's great to have you here and I'm sure you'll enjoy all the cerebral shennanigans we get up to.


Anthony Peake said...

Hi Guys,

What can I say but a massive thank you. It is amazing to think that this time last year we were a bunch of strangers spread across the world whereas now we are all cyber-buddies in a virtual world of intellectual debate and curiosity.

The best gift I have had today is your friendship and support!

Now where is that booze ....

Karl Le Marcs said...

Even more fashionably late than HurlyBurly eh Tony?

I'm delighted that our collective gift to you had its desired effect.

As to the booze, well.........

*looks guilty*

Ed said...

Hi Tony!

At last, I managed to get onto blogger to wish you a happy birthday in person.... but thankyou Karl for posting my message for me last night.

Have a good one Tony.... see you soon when we sort out the SL meeting.

Note that I have made a small change to my 'blogger name'to make it easier for you guys to refer to me.. so just call me Ed from now on!


Karl Le Marcs said...

*laughs as Ed comes crashing in through the window*

I hope your Daughter (aka Tony's Twin) had a nice Birthday also.

See you in The Bridge (or some other local ale-house) soon.

ps: (great photo Ed)

johar said...

Hi Tony,

Better late than never


Thanks for the book and thanks in advance for the next one.

It has been a pleasure and an honour 'meeting' you here and all the other like minded souls who have gathered.
I have received great comfort and insight during this time and look forward to many more inspiring interactions.

*here's lookin at you kid*


Karl Le Marcs said...

*presents Johar with special commemorative oversized gingham handkerchief for the occasion*

Hope you are well.

Jesamyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! What a wonderful day that my friend Susan Marie sent the Book to me!! A whole new world of friends and like-minded people!!THANK YOU ANTHONY that your brain cells brought us all together and that I am both Kylie and a Toucan today, when months ago I was languishing in sadness..
and to Karl, who so fiendishly and brilliantly brought all together in a superlative Covert operation..
Hope all is in full swing now, and we will post very quietly on the morrow!!!
Jesamyn xxxxxxxx

Karl Le Marcs said...

Sweet Jesamyn, my Antipodean Angel !!!
*presents elaborate flute of the finest Cristal Champagne*

I hope that work wasn't too debilitating and I thank you for your words, I'm touched.

Now come gather round this splendid old oake table and natter a while.


johar said...

Thanks for the hankie Karl and all your words, both serious and tongue in cheek, you always make me smile, think, scratch my head and lie down in dark places! - Please can I have some of the champers you seem to be doling out so generously - sling some in my direction!!
*waits patiently for the bubbly*


Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar, YAY to the group hug !!!!!

*fishes secret final bottle of Bollinger from behind the jukebox*

Three cheers for the Birthday Boy.

Hip Hip (ah, you know the rest!)

Johar and I are going to polish off this Bolly in extraordinary expediency, resulting in Champagne-infused frivolities and the later requirement of two cold wet flannels for the draping over our aching heads.

Or Something.


johar said...




Karl Le Marcs said...

*throws arms around Johar and tries to initiate the world's first ITLADian conga*

Aloha Gary said...

no bolly minesweeping mr le Marcs!!? yeuch!

so how come Tony and Ed's daughter have the same birthday as my dad and my best mate's dad, and the same star sign as Mr Burly and myself coming up on the rails on Friday?

Is this some kind of Aryan plot to create an ITLAD world and then take it over Mr Peake-Hilter? *asks Pythonesque male dressed as female washerwoman*

PS anyone for ale-infused curry in the chester region on friday evening?

Karl Le Marcs said...


Surely you are aware of the Birthday Paradox in Statistical Mathematics!!!

Given the laws of large numbers it calculates that it only takes a group of 23 people for it to be 50% probable that two will share the same birthday, and this probability rises towards 99% in a data group of just 57 people.

And don't get me started on star signs!!!!

The fabulous Martin Gardner has written many books on such Mathematical anomalies as these and is well worth reading some of his stuff.

Karl Le Marcs said...

ps, would love to join you on Friday as you said two of the key words for attracting my attention - ale and curry, but regrettably I am busy that evening in a different realm of my gestalt existence.

Definitely will do so on a mutually convenient day though Gary.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Final thank you to everyone for making this Birthday Surprise happen.

*turns out the lights*

Anthony Peake said...

Karl: Thank you so much for all your hard work to make the party such a success. I guess that I must have passed out in an alcholic haze way before the end (who spiked my drink?)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: You're welcome!


If I spike you, you'll know you've been spoken to.