Friday 18 April 2008

Kicking down the doors of perception….

…is unnecessary when you are not in physical form…

and as some would say, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience…

New Yorkers say they are smarter than Hawaiians because they change the world by working long hours of slog and toil and achieve great things, whilst Hawaiians just sit about and have fun. Hawaiians believe themselves to be smarter for the same reason. *smile*

Tony asked me to post this because he is fascinated by the Hawaiian worldview and believes it holds important clues as to the nature of reality, which modern science has yet to catch up with.

He wanted you to know that as a lineage holder and teacher of Huna I will be offering a weekend of deep esoteric teachings in Chester, on 21-22nd June, : Discover the Power of Hawaiian Huna. (or you are welcome on 31st Aug-6th Sept for our retreat in Hawaii itself!)

Huna is by its own admission at least 30,000 years old, yet contains such ‘modern’ scientific concepts as the Big Bang, the Quantum Field, the observer affecting the observed, and a more advanced model of the human mind than modern psychology has yet come up with, although Jung got close.

Also, understanding the connection between our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, and how to manifest abundance, love, health or well, anything really is part of the Hawaiian ability to ‘walk in both worlds’.

In fact, as a shamanic practitioner, I am aware of and have experienced many many worlds, all of them as ‘real’ as that which you are experiencing right now.

So there is no need to kick down doors when neither the doors nor you exist.

Now I am a firm believer that the difference between theory and practice is that in theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there always is! *smile*

Which means that talk is easy but walking your talk and experiencing all of these things for yourself is a lot more important. It is only by physically experiencing your higher self that your inner beliefs and conscious mind will accept

Even my mentor Uncle George Naope once said: ‘when I realised we had changed the flow of the volcano lava and saved the city, I almost peed my pants!’

It is one thing to hypothesise, it is another to act and live in the real world of energy-source-spirit or whatever name you want to give the oneness of existence.

As another teacher regularly says, ‘and I know that you may think….and to know is something else’

Even within this deeply fascinating blog, we are only skimming the surface of the pond, as we know not how deep the pond truly it.

We are taught in western culture to believe we are separate from everything else, and even from our own nature. This is immensely disempowering. Once you connect with universal energy, there is nothing you cannot know, have or become.

It is only by clearing out the pain of our life baggage of 'stuff', whether that stuff is caused by death, divorce, dis-ease, drugs, jobloss, depression or whatever, that we are able to fully raise our vibration to connect with our full power and potential. And because this is so important, and the Hawaiians love being chilled out so much they have made letting go of things so easy and quick. (You still have the memory, but no longer have the emotional pain that goes with it!) sounds bizarre, yet true.

If you would like more info about the workshop please email me on please be aware that there are some things that I cannot answer in a public forum like this, although I will do my best to ‘hint’
*knowing wink as sashays to pub for birthday drinks*


Karl Le Marcs said...

Very interesting stuff Gary, seems to me an amalgam of many esoteric teachings and I for one am keen to learn from you regarding the specific Hawaiian approaches to many of these areas.

And Happy Birthday!

*all hail to the ale*

Aloha Gary said...

thanks Karl

its hard to get over in a short space just how much content there is and how it all hangs simply and easily together.

Some people even say that these are the original teachings on the planet from the days when we knew how it all worked!

had a great meeting with Tony again.
looking forward to meeting up with you again

Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloha Gary;
Yeah, we should confuse some more ruffians in a darkened corner of an random ale-house again soon.

*Lovecraftian wink*

Jesamyn said...

Aloha, Gary, your post gave me goosebumps... how right you are that your way of Life is the superior one...a few enlightened souls are beginning to realise that the greed and materialism that abounds now is not bringing Australia we have these free *newspapers* at the Health Food Shops with all manner of things like this for Empowering our Lives and weekend retreats etc... I would love to attend your lecture or discourse but always so far away here...:( But thanks for the interesting Post and I need a bit of a shove to get me out of my old complacent ways of a dull and mortal world, and posts such as this make me keep on keeping on...
All the Best to you...

Anthony Peake said...

Gary: Hope you had a great birthday, mate. I feel really bad. I had intended to bring along a card on Thursday but it slipped my mind ... sorry.

All: Gary and I had a fascinating meeting in a coffee bar in Chester. Gary's Huna-angle (a Huna Hoop maybe?) on Itlad is adding yet another facet to this ever evolving theory.

Karl Le Marcs said...

*spits out coffee in that JACK DOUGLAS from the Carry-On-Films manner*

Huna Hoops!!


Aloha Gary said...

*harrumphs with hands on hips*

well I've been called many things my time, but huna hoops!

more like huna-tics, me-thinks!

amazingly, for all sorts of reasons, huna-tics are very common in Australia!

Pray tell what part of Oz are you the Wizard for and I will see if I can put you in touch with someone running workshops?

(or you can always come on the Retreat in September in Hawaii ;-)

aloha e maluhia
love and peace


Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloha Gary;
Is one of your teaching sessions called a Huna Module?

*Oh how we all chortled*