Thursday 24 April 2008


I have been most interested in all the Posts of course!!! And now , apropos of the latest ones, I find myself remembering how, even from age 5 or so . how fascinating an idea I found was to address a Letter to your Older Self or even your Younger self, I know this is incorporated into books of Psychology but it is SOOO fascinating!!! i.e. What would you advise your younger self to do in a situation of uncertainty, or even What would you write to your Self in 10 or 20 years time??This seems to embody a lot of the Itlad Theory... so what would YOU advise your older or younger Self to do differently?


SM Kovalinsky said...

Oh, Jesamyn, this is indeed a fascinating question. I have much to say on it, and will do so when I arrive back home. Thank you for posing such a question

SM Kovalinsky said...

Actually, Jesamyn: If you look at my 2 experiences, one commenting on Rod's post, and the other on Tony's, I would say that these incidents in themselves comprise "letters from the future". Both of them occurred in Provincetown, which had portentous meaning for the last years of my marriage. One was a warning that went unheard and unheeded, the other an invitation, which was accepted.

Karl Le Marcs said...

I think I was already my older self while still a boy!!
As to what advice I would give my younger or older self, I don't think I would give any as my younger self probably wouldn't listen and my older self would probably no longer care!

Maybe a slight nudge to myself to pay more attention whilst in and around the Cheshire area a number of years ago in case a certain little lady went by. Oh me, oh my!


Robin said...

Interesting to ponder.

I fear any advice to my younger self might lead me to an entirely different present. I wouldn't want to risk ending up in a reality where I never met up with all of you!

Imagine having the ability to make decisions across the timeline of your life. If you could zoom back to age 20 and choose a different path, follow it through, change your mind and go back again.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Putting aside the obvious scientific obstacles to such an ability for a second, I am momentarily struck by the concept of such an ability in the hand of someone living with OCD!
Oh My Gosh!