Wednesday 23 April 2008

Must-see interactive optical illusion

Just found a killer optical illusion here. The best part is that it is interactive so you can play with the parameters and try to figure out what is going on and why.


Anthony Peake said...

KEN:Absolute classic. This really show, in literal graphic detail, the way in which our visual processing of the external world is, in a very real sense, cognitively manipulated. What we see is not a literal version of what is 'out there' but a version of 'out there' with lots taken out and added. In my book collection I have a book entitled "Is The Visual World An Illusion" written by cognitive scientis Alve Noe. Read in conjuction with the work of Professor Richard Gregory it is clear that we perceive a heavily censored version of 'reality'.

Ken, thanks for this fascinating contribution.

johar said...

Thanks Ken I really enjoyed playing with that illusion - just goes to show ya, don't believe anything you see!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

I can't see anything now thanks to that flashing image! Even with my eyes closed I just see strobing donuts (weren't they a 70s travelling funk band?).
I feel like Homer Simpson on Acid, I see donuts everywhere!!!!

johar said...

Karl U R A DONUT *hehe*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hee Hee!
*chases Johar with oversized hundreds-and-thousands shaker*