Monday 14 April 2008

Perception lagging behind time

On awaking this morning I heard a news item on the radio (BBC Radio 5 Live) about a group of German scientists who had 'discovered' that awareness lags behind 'reality' be a few seconds. Readers of my book will know that this is a crucial part of the itladian jigsaw because it is evidence that perception is 'recorded' before being presented to consciousness. This recording is then stored and used again in the last second of life in the guise of my Bohmian IMAX. In the book I cite various experimental proofs of this from the 1980's (Cutaneous Rabbit, Kornhuber Experiment, PHI Phenomenon - and later the work of Dick Beirman and Dean Radin). However this is 'breaking news' and contemporary and as such we could ride on the back of this to get itlad noticed in the media. Unfortunately I was not fully awake and I missed the names of the researchers or any other details. Did any of you guys pick up on this? - and if so could you let me know the names, university, details etc?


Anthony Peake said...

See posting above and my subsequent 'comment' for a superb case of synchrondipity.

Karl Le Marcs said...

What came first: The Daemonic instruction to turn on the radio or the subconscious pre-decision within buffered consciousness?

It's the question all the cool kids are asking.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Oh and in answer to your question in the post:
The lead researcher is Prof John-Dylan Haynes and the research was carried out by the Max Planck Institute.