Tuesday 15 April 2008

Second Life chat

OK guys, let's see how deep the rabbit hole really is... Let's meet up at Flanagan's Apple for a chat! Those of you logging in from the 'first life' pub bring a camera so you can capture this mirror within a mirror moment! I'll be in the 'second life' pub on Thursday starting at 9am my time. That's 3pm (-6 GMT) for those of you in the UK.
Drop me a line if you need help getting started. rdoliver@cox.net
Here's a link to the software:

If you love to push the limits of your graphics card, you'll enjoy the environmental controls of the release candidate version found here:

Second Life is voice enabled but the function is full of bugs so we plan to use Skype as an alternative.
Why meet in Second life? What's the point?
Second Life is a parallel reality, a metaverse accessible to our current state of consciousness. We need to explore the boundaries. Imagine the possibilities!
Hope to meet you there!
"Izthera Paulse" in Second Life


Karl Le Marcs said...

Firstly, interesting synchrondipity over the timing of yours and Tony's posts!!

Was it your Daemon who told you to post this at the precise moment Tony posted his, following your SKYPE chat earlier?
*furrows brow in ponderance*

Now, regrettably I am unable to attend owing to me having a laptop only recently recovered from a cripling injury and which has a graphics card with the capacity of a 3 year old with a purple crayon!

I can log on to Second Life but whenever I try to move the whole system crashes down around me.
(There is surely some deeply existential allegory in there somewhere - Kafka perhaps?)

I should have been a Luddite !
(or maybe I was)

*shakes fist at modern technology*

But I shall endeavour to create an alternative option before we organise the big first ITLADian cyber lecture, if not solely to meet your rather striking avatar!

*straightens tie, adjusts starched collar and alters Trilby to the angle affectionally known as rakish*

Robin said...

I love that word..Synchrondipity! We did not consciously synchronize our posts did we Tony? Was it pure luck or did we channel one another's daemon? haha

Now Karl, about that laptop... If you are inclined to join us from Flanagan's you'll have both hands free for drinks while watching someone else's screen. Talk about the best of both worlds!.. ehm, 3 worlds in this case. And Izzy will be fully dressed to avoid any distractions... *wink*

How many ITLAD bloggers are in the vicinity of Flanagan's??

Also, please allow me to clarify the first words of my post. 'OK guys' was not meant to be gender-specific. It was a lazy slip of grammar. We Okies often refer to the group as a whole with "you guys" or "ya'll". (the latter causes my skin to crawl with embarrassment)

See ya'll there! *cringes*

Jon Watts said...

Who's picture is that? You look Mahvelous! I tweaked my guy- looks biker-esque. I'll pop in whenever I can (barring a specific time for meeting)



Robin said...

I plan to sit at the pub as I go about my daily routine. Many of my SL days are spent parked somewhere with music playing & avatar dancing as the real me does household chores. I've got a lot of catching up with correspondence to do as well. So, as long as the SL servers are cooperative, I will be watching for ITLAD folk for several hours.

(I've heard there are plans for a rolling restart on Thursday which may bump us offline for several minutes, not to worry, it's a temporary condition that requires patience...keep trying to log back on if it happens)

I will also keep skype open so you can ring me if I'm afk. My skype name is "Izthera".

To answer your question Jon, that's Izzy in the picture. She's my masterpiece. Making avatars turned into a form of creative expression for me, I have a total of 6. Izthera is my favorite, I seem to be stuck as her now. I'm still amused by the implications of her name in relation to ITLAD. I had no conscious thought about Tony's book at the time I chose her name.

Warm regards,
Robin, aka Izthera Paulse

Anthony Peake said...

Izthera and I spent about an hour in SL today (joined by a first life friend of mine - Richard)

Izzy (as she is known to her friends) took me to an amazing location called "Dark Star". (A great movie by the way - and also a great Stephen Stills song performed by Crosby Stills & Nash) which is a location dedicated to the great band "The Grateful Dead". As their album "American Beauty" has pride of place in my all time greatest records I really enjoyed my time there.

Izzy and I checked out the 'voice' facility and it does work. It is not as clear as SKYPE but is quite effective.

I may try and get back onto SL late tomorrow afternoon. Maybe see some of you in Flanagan's Apple.

Robin said...

SL wasn't too cooperative today...that's to be expected some days. I tried it again later in the afternoon and lots of the issues had been resolved. Tomorrow will be a better day I think. Come on in and join us everyone!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Interesting that Second Life mirrors First Life in many ways!
Whilst SL was uncooperative for you yesterday, FL was being a particular swine for me as seemingly ALL my energy had been syphoned off!!
Again, I'm sure there is a deeply existential allegory in there somewhere.