Thursday 3 April 2008

Second Life Meeting

Karl has rightly pointed out that not all of you will know about Second Life. I have posted on this before (many months ago) but I will explain again. SL is a virtual on-line world with literally millions of people involved. in this world you create your own 'avatar'. You can decide how you wish to look. You then can interface with others in this cyberworld as you would with people in 'First Life'. It is really very strange at first, particularly as now whole sections of First Life cities have been created on SL and look so real. The picture opposite is my avatar (Daemon Bohm) sitting in Flanagan's Apple in SL's version of Matthew Street in Liverpool (see posting below). This is the location I am suggesting for our cyber-meeting. As you can see this pub has a poster of my book on the wall. Believe me this had nothing to do with me. This is the position I left Daemon when I logged off at 0945 BST today.

Now this is where things can get really interesting. For example as you may be able to just make out my avatar, Daemon Bohm (get it?!) wears a tee-shirt with the book cover on the back and a link to my website on the front. Clothing can be designed for you. Should any of you create your own avatar in can send you the tee-shirt that it can wear. This will help identify ourselves to each other in SL. Indeed in SL one can also set up groups. Indeed a thought that has just dawned on me is that when naming your avatar you can decide upon your first name. If we all have a first name of "Daemon" we can always identify each other. What do you think?

One of the members of this blog (Robin) I actually met on SL. I know that she is a regular there so maybe she will be able to act as our guide. I know that there have been some new developments - like actual voice communication so 'chatting' is even easier. Indeed I have found that if you use Skype whilst also on SL you can communicate as if by ESP.

Indeed you may be interested to know that my publisher is very SL savvy and I know that they have suggested many times that we use SL as a marketing and publicity tool.

Second Life can be checked out by following this hyperlink:

I have not been on SL for a few months but I plan to go back today to have a look round. If you wish to find me just do a search on 'Daemon Bohm' and come and say hi.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Can I be Matt Daemon?

I would be Daemon Albarn but it's all a bit of a blur to me.

If our avatar was always looking for entrances it could be Daemon Wayans.

And after our Second Life conference (and several cyber ales, obviously) we can go for a ramble up Daemon Hill.

Fortunately Damon isn't that common a name so we can stop there.......yes, I agree, thank goodness!

Jesamyn said...

Both Susan Marie and myself have spoken so often of meeting you and others.... who will know who they are..! at an olde oak table filled with the beverages of our choice at the Local Inne. This will be the next best thing....

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...

Jesamyn and Susan Marie, your joining us would be a joy and a pleasure, and would certainly raise the aesthetic value of the pub as well !
Maybe, one day, some place, some time, we can establish and organise an International Convention.
Yes, I know it's a Utopian dream, for now; but without dreams we are but isolatory images of consciousness.
*opens a bottle of Sancerre and toasts the wonderous people of this blog*

SM Kovalinsky said...

That would truly be wondrous, Karl: I can scarcely believe that you and Tony and Hurly are not just the shadows of shadows, but real and true flesh and blood men, ale-infused. Incomprehensible to me, somehow. But wonderful. *lighting a cigarette and dreaming of my palmier days*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Put that cigarette out young lady !

We may indeed be all Brothers of the Shadow
*occultic wink*
(and Sisters)
all ale-infused of course.

Aloha Gary said...

WOW this is almost more self-referenced than that dodgy bit of excel code I wrote in 1985 that sent Midland Bank into a bit of a spin (oops - it was only £673m out a mere trifle)

just an idea Tony for some marketing: you could do worse than go to who will put any image on just about anything and even small numbers so you could put ITLAD on one side and leave the other to be self-personalised by your bloggernauts

This is all becoming Groundhog-like - do we have to be elves or dwarves and hurl fireballs like dungeons and dragons?

I used to find the dice would roll off the table with risk of *gasp* beer-spillage! An horrific thought I know KM

So do we need to knock over a giants gold stash so we've got enough for a cyber-pint or do they dish out a starting dosh-kit?

aloha e maluhia

Aloha Gary said...


oh and can those of you with divination and astrology skills, not to mention a biorhythm check, work out when would be the most auspicious date and time?

I'm guessing an evening weekend would allow most people to participate across time zones?

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...

I told you not to mention biorhythms.
Ha Ha Ha!
Ah! God Bless Spike Milligan.

But in answer to your question, YES. I can pre-identify best times for peak performance.
(pun VERY much intended)

Anthony Peake said...

This idea is certainly generating a fair degree of interest. I spent a short time on SL yesterday and I am again trying to get used to it. Moving around is a little problematical at first but you soon get the hang of it. I intend to set up a group called "Cheating The Ferryman". We can then all join that and haved a few trial meetings before we go for the 'Big One'. What do you think?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Normally I'd suggest a dry-run
But given the pub element I'll second that an ale-infused trial and error process would be a great idea!!
I know that Wetherspoons in Liverpool (the big one near the train station) has free wi-fi connectivity as well.