Wednesday 30 April 2008


Tonight (April 30th) is Walpurgisnacht [Vahl-PUR-ges-nachkt], a day celebrated across the world, but often deeply misunderstood or even completely unknown by most.

For those of us to whom such things are important, Walpurgisnacht (or Walpurgis Night) is one of the most significant days of the year. Named after Saint Walpurga (Wessex 710AD), it is most commonly known as a Pagan Spring Festival but its meanings run much deeper than that and are varied throughout many countries.

In world culture Walpurgisnacht has played a part within the works of such esteemed luminaries as Goethe, Virginia Woolf, Bram Stoker, HP Lovecraft, Thomas Mann, Robert Anton Wilson, Bulgakov, Dennis Wheatley, HR Giger, Thomas Pynchon any many, many more to even within the music of Black Sabbath, Procol Harum, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden *wink to Matt Cameron*, and interestingly JK Rowling; for the “Death Eaters” within the Harry Potter novels were originally to be called the Knights of Walpurgis (Walpurgis Nights…… get it?), but she changed the name for fear of giving poor Harry too much of an occultic edge, but of course such was not lost on those of us with eyes wide open to the greater realities!
At least Phillip Pullman used the term Daemon directly!

Walpurgisnacht dates back to the commemoration of the time when it was told that Odin died whilst trying to retrieve the “knowledge of the runes” and that this night is said to be a time of weakness between the realms of the living and the dead; the night when the doorways between the two are most ajar, as it is followed by May 1st or Beltane, the return of the light and the sun which is celebrated as May Day.

This day was Saint Walpurgis’ Holy Day and thus the night became Walpurgisnacht.

Curiously, Adolf Hitler, along with several members of his staff (including Joseph Goebbels) committed suicide on Walpurgisnacht 1945. And in the History Channel's documentary, “Hitler and the Occult”, author Dusty Sklar stated that "It's believed by some people that he chose April 30th deliberately because it coincided with Walpurgis Night, which is believed to be the most important date (along with Halloween) in Occultism. So, according to some commentators, he was giving himself up to the powers of darkness."


Therefore, for those of you seeking to establish an effective communication with your own Daemon, tonight could well be the best night to reach deep into your consciousness and become at one with the true realities in a much more positive way than old Adolf adopted.

Hey, anything is worth a try once, except Morris Dancing obviously!

Blessed Be !

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

Black Sabbath’s legendary song “War Pigs” was originally recorded as “Walpurgis” with alternate lyrics.

– Not a lot of people know that !!

Link to Original Recording

*runs off to finish plans to cavort around a fire in a remote woodland at midnight*

SM Kovalinsky said...

Very enlightening; bravo, and again. I suppose people such as Ken and myself would view this in Jungian terms, in which even a solar eclipse must be viewed less as the meeting of sun and moon, but as fusing and merging conscious and unconscious. . . Hitler's connection to the occult always struck me as rather sad; the art of an unbeliever who yet needed faith. He simply did not wear it well. . . And there must exist few things indeed that would be as arresting as the sight of Le Marcs romping by firelight in a remote forest. (hic rhodus; hic salta)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie;
My Dear Lady, thank you. You know I've never really thought of the deeper meanings behing Walpurgisnacht in Jungian terms, but I certainly shall now.

Yes, it would be interesting to get Ken's input as well, I'm sure he'll be along soon.

And Dear Lady, are you quoting Marx and Hegel to me? How very endearing!


Anthony Peake said...

KARL: Very interesting and enlightening contribution (by the way, is thunder enlightening or a simply a flash of inspiration? - sorry,very sad Peakeian pun).

I have always been of the opinion that old beliefs such as this do not just come to be. Just because these people were pre-scientific does not mean that they were pre-logical. I am sure that repeated observation over many years brought about such conclusions with regard to certain times of the year.

Maybe as itladians we should try any methods by which we can open up Blake's "Doors of Perception" and allow the Daemon to whisper through the gap.

Seraph said...

In Australia, tonight is Samhain, Summer's End, which is also meant to be a time of deep communion with the spirit world, a festival for the dead, as well as marking the start of winter (good time for us Saturn-ruled types!)

Walpurgisnacht and Beltane are six months from now, here, as our seasons are reversed. However, it is also meant to be a time where the boundries are thin, so perhaps we'll see what results we have here.

Robin said...

Thanks for alerting me to your post. I've heard the term but didn't know the meaning behind it. Maybe I'll fire up the chimenea and do a jig in the back yard.
I was in a patient's room a few minutes ago. They were watching that hideous show "dancing with the stars". The hosts of the show made a big deal of announcing the guest band who were there to play a song off their new was Def Leopard! hahaha
I was cracking up and actually thought "I wonder if Karl was ever a Def Leopard fan". Then just minutes later, I find your note in my email box! Was it quantum entanglement from afar?

Karl Le Marcs said...

*groans at thunder and enlightening pun*
I don't know! (knock on wood?)
*equally dreadful gag*

Right, leaving aside the comedic revelry, I totally agree with your comments on the rituals of the "ancient ones" and counterintuitively (ooooh!), although they were arguably not as scientifically advanced as we are today, I do think they were certainly more in-tune with nature and the realities within than is the case in the 21st Century.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Obviously, as the seasons are the opposite in Australia then here in the UK, Beltane and Samhain are conflicted by the traditional dates of Walpurgisnacht and All Hallows Eve, but I understand that Halloween is now celebrated in much of Australia on October 31st as well, is this correct?

I ask as Walpurgisnacht and Halloween fall exactly 6 months apart, so if Australians celebrate their Walpurgisnacht 6 months from now, as you say, then this would in fact be Halloween.

Hmmmm! Interesting, let me know what your thoughts are on this, and also Jesamyn will have something to say when she returns from another hard day at work no doubt.
*hugs to Jesamyn*

Jesamyn said...

Thank you again for another fascinating post!!! I will be aware tonight if the boundaries are indeed thinner...this time last year I did not take a lot of note as my partner was still here... I have asked him to visit daily so tonight perhaps!!!
And like most of us (I think!!) I too went through a Black Sabbath phase...a long time ago.. so long ago that they are on cassette tapes!!! Some of the Music did entice you in but always had that edge of something scary!! thanks Karl, and if you wish to frolic, none here will stop you!!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hee Hee! Maybe we should arrange a Second Life Walpurgisnacht Celebration!
(I'd be AMAZED if there wasn't plenty already though).

Now, I did write a Sitcom synopsis about 8 years ago named after a Def Leppard song and I always envisaged it also being the theme tune. It was called "Love Bytes" about two divorcees who live next door to each other and really don't get on, but they meet online in a chatroom under pseudonyms and really hit it off, with hilarious consequences.

*note to self, must dig that out from wherever I've filed it*

And thanks for yet further proof of the synchrondipities within the mind and the possible quantum entanglement of our subjective particles of consciousness.

*see what I did there, always weaving!!!!*

Karl Le Marcs said...

BLIMEY! YAS! (yet another synchronicity), I must have been writing my comment about how you would no doubt have somthing to say at the exact momemt that you were indeed having something to say!
WOW! Quantum Entanglement indeed!!

Don't make me Paranoid about the Black Sabbath stuff!

Jesamyn, how is Walpurgisnacht/Halloween, Samhain/Beltane celebrated in Australia with the opposing seasons and everything?

Anthony Peake said...

Weird (and totally off topic): My wife Penny is a big Def Leppard fan (Karl, I bet you find that hard to believe!) and only a couple of days ago she managed to source a couple of "special guest" tickets for their concert in the new Liverpool Arena. At my age I am a member of the first wave of heavy rockers of the late 1960's and early 1970s (saw Led Zep at Mountford Hall in Liverpool in 1971 and heard "Stairway To Heaven" at only its third public performance and months before 'Ruins/Runes/ Four Symbols/IV was released. As I recall I was so close to the speakers at the front I had ringing in my ears for days afterwards. As such I have always considered bands like Def Leppard to be "poodle rockers" (you know, the stupid big hair thing rather than the much more menacing late 60's hair of led Zep, Deep Purple and Free.

By the way, as I recall in 1969 the real occult band was not Black Sabbath but another band called Black Widow. As I recall in the early and mid 1970's Blue Oyster Cult took on that mantle. But I may be wrong.

Jesamyn said...

Yes, once again that frozen moment in Time when Quantum Entanglement occurs!!! Or recurs!!! although our countries are hours apart...There is not a lot of notice taken of it all I am sorry to say... although no doubt I am not moving in the right circles... hhhmmm maybe I will have to... Only Halloween where the kids go door to door as in the USA for trick or treat...!!
That old ether will be closely watched by me in Astral Travel and mentioned by Susan Marie on another Post the air was different, sparkling and well just different...I will test the air tonight for sure!!!for any visitors...
Regards as always.....

Anthony Peake said...

KARL: Again showing my great age here but in 1972 (I remember the year distinctly because I link the programme strongly to my then girlfriend, Christy)there was a programme with John Alderton and Hannah Gordon called "My Wife Next Door". Very similar - without the cyber-age edge - to your plot line (but a strongly suspect lacking the wit and intellectual humour that your script will contain).

Robin said...

I will be searching for celebrations in SL today... Anyone care to join me?

Karl Le Marcs said...

NOTHING is hard for me to believe anymore regarding you and Penny!!

You know that I too am a Deep Purpler at heart ("Child In Time" from both MarkII and Mark III line ups always gets me; Gillan-Blackmore and Coverdale-Blackmore combined; Awesome!) and I agree that Led Zep's "Stairway" is a work of genius (slightly flawed by allowing Rolf Harris to do his didgeridoo version (one of THE most surreal things I've ever heard),er,) and I can't listen to Blue Oyster Cult these days without images of Spinal Tap coming to mind!! Ha Ha!!

Now, dragging it all back seemlessly to topic, Black Sabbath are indeed FAR from being considered a specifically occultic band, if you want some of that music then prepare yourself !!

And there is a Black Metal band from Holland called.............

Karl Le Marcs said...

We seem to becoming specifically Time Entangled at present you and I don't we Jes?

I shall send more handkerchiefs to you on the Astral.
*occultic wink*

I hope Walpurgisnacht helps clear the Astral light for you.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Until I get a graphics card with more ooomph I cannot join you, however please do report back here with your Walpurgisnacht findings on Second Life.

Seraph said...


Pretty much. Afaik, its the same sequence, but reversed for the Southern hemisphere. Halloween, as in the American holiday, isn't really celebrated much here, though like all things American it is gaining popularity amongst young kids (le sigh) and consenquently, we are seeing more things happening on the 31st of October. Its ridiculous, from a traditional point of view, considering that the 31st of October is smack-bang in the middle of Spring here xD

Karl Le Marcs said...


Thanks for that.

I specify an important difference between "All Hallows Eve" and the more Americanised "Halloween" but I take your point; it would seem a tad unusual celebrating Walpurgisnacht and the coming of the sun, when the days have already started to wane and Halloween being in the middle of Spring!

Robin said...

I found one event for Walpurgisnacht in Second Life. It doesn't start until 8pm SL time which is well after the midnite hour for you in the UK. I won't be attending, it's the middle of family time here at home.

Ye Olde Terrier's Inn, Seventh Eye (224, 22, 538)

Enjoy your bonfires all!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

WOW, thanks for that.

The Bonfires of the Vanities shall burn brightly !!

ken said...

I'm here. Fashionably late with not a whole lot to say (yet). But here nonetheless.

I think Jung's take would be more in the realm of alchemy and the Mysterium Coniunctionis or the synthesis of psychic opposites. The Sun and the Moon are, I believe, prima materia and thus powerful psychic material.

I'm hoping to research this a little bit more and provide more details -- my alchemy is a little weak.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Always a pleasure to read your thoughts, Ken.
Any guidance you require towards your research, drop me an email.
Thanks again.

Jesamyn said...

After a horrendous 12 hr shift I am soo tired but I have goosebumps!!! All day and all night I tried to remember the olde tape I had that I loved so much and yep there it was...Thanks be to was Child in Time... and Stairway to Heaven always gets me in too...I am going to brag a bit here and say that my girlfriends and myself knew George Young of The Easybeats whose brothers Angus and Malcolm Young are now in AC/DC and we knew them really well!!! Sorry.. apropos of nothing,
Karl, as I mentioned I was awaiting a Visitation last night ... I awoke at 1 10 am and at about 1 30 am I heard (in my head!!) the most distant bagpipe music(well as a Scotsman my partner loved that stuff) it was so faint and I could not make out the actual tune...could it mean something??? And it made me remember a Psychic Site (BEFORE ANTHONY OF COURSE!!!) I used to frequent and one guy said he had mastered the technique of re creating an entire favourite song in his head by *listening* to it in a particular section of his brain... in my Elton mad days I would awake with a non existent Elton song in my head that would make it to no 1 if released, it was so amazingly *true*!!! Oh I am sorry I probably should have made a whole new post!!! Well if no one answers I will!!!
Regards to all. Jesamyn.

Karl Le Marcs said...

I was literally just walking out the door when your message came through.

I will get back to you on this in a couple of hours when I get back.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Ah! Sweet Child In Time!

"Sweet Child In Time you'll see the line;
The line that's drawn between the good and the bad.
See the blind man, shooting at the world;
Bullets flying, taking toll
If you've been bad, Lord I bet you have;
And you've been hit by flying lead.
You'd better close your eyes and bow your head;
And wait for the ricochet

Jesamyn, have you heard any of the stuff by the Australian band Airbourne?
Very AC/DC and GOOD too!!!

Now to your visitation: I've neither met you nor spoken to you but we have had plenty of email and blog contact and from your words I gathered that you are somewhat of an Auditory person (whereas I am Kinaesthetic and Tony is a tad Visual), so it doesn't surprise me that you hear emphemera either in dreams or in semi-conscious states.

And in dear old Elton's words:
"It's a little bit funny,
This feeling inside.


Will email you off blog JezBear!

Jesamyn said...

Thank you as ever for enlightening words which always ring so true in my mind....or inner ears perhaps!!!I have not heard of Airbourne... I will find out..
Well those words of the Deep Purple song may just be YOUR *thing*... you often say Blimey which means God Blind me (as if you would not know that but thought I would throw it in anyway)as my ex used to say well you can throw it out again!!Point taken re Eltons words and that for good or bad or getting ancient now is still my no 1 song over my lifetime for the simple sincerity of it...even the youthful earnest Elton who sang it, unlike the tiara'ed tantrum throwing old poof he is now!!! eeeek sorry if I offend anybody I LOVE GAYS!!! OK??? *smile*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thank You, I always try to help if I can.
I shall send you an Airbourne track in an email for you (to further confuse you neighbours, my Antipodean Rock Chick!!)
And Elton's "Your Song" is my favourite of his also, along with "Tower Of Babel" and the whole "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy" album.

*spits out pint at "unlike the tiara'ed tantrum throwing old poof he is now!!!" comment*

Literally LOL !!!!

Blessed Be JezBear

Jesamyn said...

and all this talk of jesus comin back to see us... mmmmhmmm it doesn't fool us....
Please cease and desist immediately (no, don't!!)I have already been shopping with Child in Time in my head!!! If I put it in my Ipod it will also frighten the shopping crowds... the screaming would NOT be a good look at the Mall...!!!should I sing along as one is wont to do!!! And thank you for e mails I will peruse most not TOO many ales... well I did give in last night first champers in 10 days...Blessed Be right back at you...

Jesamyn said...

OK I freely admit it... I did have to look up Kinaesthetic!!!Body language type of thing... thats right you give classes... so that means you, Tony, Susan Marie and myself are now in my mind like 4 wise monkeys!!! I cannot leave out
SM, my dear friend of the heart as we call each other, and the one extra monkey is speaking and that certainly suits her to a t with the wonderful philosophical language she uses!!!Hearing speaking seeing and body movement FOR THE DUMMIES!!! *not that there ARE any on THIS Blog!!!*

Jesamyn said...

no offence fellow simians!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hey Jez, thanks for your comments and the subtle Elton lyrics

I'm glad you liked the Child In Time version I emailed you, wonderful 10 minutes isn't it?

I'm a wise monkey am I?

Thank you as ever Jesamyn, I shall send my usual messages to you on the Astral tonight.
(Keep your eyes open)