Thursday 29 May 2008


I sent an article proposal to Psychologies Magazine about a week ago regarding ITLAD.

The reply got was that the editor feels the readers would find it too 'out there'!

What can I say? *stumped*


Anthony Peake said...

JOHAR: This is very sad. I have emailed them with some further details about the book and myself. Lets see what reaction we get.

johar said...

I've also directed them to you radio interview on the 3rd of June. Let's see eh?

Anthony Peake said...

JOHAR: Note the change in the interview time and date. It seems that City Talk want more time to discuss my ideas and theories. I have let Psychologies know this but maybe it would be useful for you to do so as well.

johar said...

Oh yes, I've just noticed the time and date change.

I've had an email from the acting Editor, Catherine Jones.

She forwarded me your email with a terse note suggesting that I had posted on the blog saying SHE found your theory 'out there'.

She goes onto say that there is nothing in my pitch that would change her mind about the readers opinion.

Anthony Peake said...

Oh well ... it really is their loss.

Thanks for trying.

johar said...

I really thought they would go for it as their magazine deals with a huge amount of spiritual issues, which I believed your theory would fit int.

Oh well, what can you do.

Hurlyburly said...

I'm still pi$$ed Crawley library never go back to me about Tony doing a talk, might have to go down there and do a little dance.. (then perhaps make a little love)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hmmm, I'd get down tonight if I were you!

Karl Le Marcs said...

...and anyway, 'Psychologies' may not be the ideal target market!
(just don't mention 'F***ean Times')
*shakes fist*

Here is the problem, as I see it....
(and I have discussed this at some length with Tony)

1. "Is There Life After Death" is a misleading title.
2. The book is miscategorised.
(almost certainly as a consequence)

Waterstones and Amazon, and all the other big players in the book world, have ITLAD quite wrongly placed within the "Reincarnation and Afterlife" section and not the "Popular Science" section where I assert it SHOULD be, as ironically the two areas of Life and Death that the book does NOT deal with are Reincarnation and Afterlife, which suggests many people who SHOULD have read the book, quite probably have NOT!

Thus, because of this miscategorisation, Tony's book is not placed alongside similar works by the likes of Chown, Radin, McTaggart, Kaku, Goswami, Laszlo et al (all of whom have had very popular books out in the last year or two which fit perfectly with the ITLAD ideology), therefore the reader of similar books is not being introduced to ITLAD as it lies within a separate bookshelf in a separate part of the shop.

Thus any scientifically minded reader who looks in the "Popular Science" section, will not notice ITLAD as it is not amongst similar scientific works, and those who are looking in the "Reincarnation And Afterlife" section are likely to be seeking spiritual answers and guidance and may miss some of the more deeply scientific elements of ITLAD.

This dichotomy is obviously what is also going on within certain Magazines. If ITLAD may (and I stress 'may') be considered by readers to be "too out there", one wonders what those same readers would make of Quantum Mechanics or more contentiously, books of Theology!

ITLAD (no, CTF) is based on hard science; cross-referenced and detailed. Blending Quantum Physics with Neurology, Consciousness Studies and Cosmology into a piece of work that should be considered alongside those of Bohr, Everett, Bohm, Dennett, Pribram et al.

I would hope that Arcturus (publishers) would release a paperback version of ITLAD re-titled "Cheating The Ferryman" and recategorised as "Popular Science" so it could sit alongside books whose readers would find interest and common ground in ITLAD and thus help position Tony, CTF/ITLAD and the writings and theories which spin off from them in their rightful place.

Here endeth the slight rant!

SM Kovalinsky said...

KLLM: As usual, you have hit the crux of the matter. Recall that on my own blog, in the ". . . Two British . . " lengthy piece I have written extolling the virtues of Tony and ITLAD - as well as your own virutes - I specifically make reference to the fact that ITLAD has been marketed all wrongly! And that it never took flight on the American market, for the very reason that it is placed all wrong, pointed toward all the wrong readers. And yes, Mc Taggert, yes! I cannot lay enough stress on this point, nor in my belief that your own solid science may well augment Tony's own, combine with it in a very, very potent way. And it was my intention - and yet is - to link my blog to academic networks: philosophical and scientific, both, as well as to the Obama campaign (for sheer power in American numbers). This was my sole goal, the attempt to unblock ITLAD, and create a segue path for the combination of the 2 forces. If Tony could re-read, I am proposing new publication, American publishers, new emphasis. . . It was my subtext, it was my main text, it was my plea. And I think it is a fitting and proper one, I believe it is inevitable, and must be fulfilled. Speak of En Avant! But carpe diem as well, opportunity flees quickly. . . Tell Tony to rouse himself, and re-read with this in mind, and then go back to the pain-killing haze. In the words of Nietzsche, "It's time; it's late!" And the combined force of the 2 of you will turn the tide, will be the second wave: My own words through out my urgent, urgent essay. And it's title is no joke, no rhetorical phrase, either! TONY!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

There's, er, not a lot I can add to that really!
*scratches head*
Erm, no, I think that all sums it up rather nicely.

Right, Dear Arcturus.............

Jesamyn said...

Oh Johar, as always others here have put it extremely well in clever and Academic words, just let me add in the manner of some *sickeningly sweet tomes* Dont Ever Give Up!!! Most authors have been rejected many times... I am sure you will have success.
Karl, we all seem to have adopted your *asterisk* WOW an *asterisk WITHIN an asterisk!!* within Tony's book cover!!Do you get Royalties??As we Aussies say Jo Keep on Keeping On!! I wish you success!!
Giggling here now I had typed Fezamyn.. shoulda left it in!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Jesamyn: Hey Fezamyn!! I rather like the imagery of you in a red fez with strands of black string sprouting from the top. We can get JB encrusted in amber for you.

*asterisk shocked*

Jesamyn said...

OOOHHH YES PLEASE MICHAEL!!! That would be a most Fetching Fez... although don't some insects get encased in amber??? A PRETTY insect might be OK!!!Please send 3 hattes...C.O.D.

Jez in a Fez.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Michael?? Are you being cryptically pythonesque again Jesamyn?

And yes you look rather fetching in your fez!

3 Hats on their way to you, invoice attached

Now what was the topic again?*admonishes self*

Ah yes, trying to re-position ITLAD to where it should be......

Tony, have you contacted your publishers re our discussions on this matter???

johar said...

Jesamyn, Thanks for your kind words. will have to ponder what course of action to take next, if any! *astral hug*

Karl, You are so right about the categorizing of the book. I came across it in the spirituality section of amazon. Luckily it's exactly what I was looking for and needed, although I may not have realised it at the time!

I personally feel the book fits into both Popular Science and Spirituality.I think that someone like me, who comes across the book and is initially surprised by the content will nevertheless benefit hugely from it. The more categories the better!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Thank you JoJo.

Unfortunately, owing to the way booksellers seem to operate, a book can only be classified into ONE category, otherwise they would have to stock multiple copies for multiple sections!!

I'm afraid "the more categories the better" approach does not apply in publishing.


*smiles and twirls*