Tuesday 13 May 2008

SKYPE Conferencing

I am keen to use as many tools of communication as possible. As such it would be very useful to use SKYPE as an alternative method. I am simply amazed as to how effective this is - and its totally free! The full software can be downloaded onto your PC via http://www.skype.com/intl/en-gb/

I note that it has conference facilities as well as a method by which groups can be set up. As we are so geographically spread this seems a really good tool.

I have now set myself up with a webcam and microphone. I was in contact yesterday with fellow writer Bill Murtha who is around 300 miles from my home here on Wirral. It was amazing not just chatting but seeing each other as well - and all for free!!!

I am very aware of security on this. As this is a public blog I do not wish us to post our individual SKYPE addresses. As such what I suggest is that we swop them via personal emails. In this way these stay within the group.

If you are willing to swop SKYPE details with me please do so via my blog email address of

Indeed I will be avaialable for a chat for the next hour or so (1600 UK time on 13th May)


Robin said...

Tony and I had a nice video visit. How amazing it is to be thousands of miles apart and carry on a conversation as if you are in the same room! Unfortunately we learned that only a 2-way video connection is possible. Nevertheless, conferencing via voice is a viable option. I hope several of us can take advantage of the opportunity one day! If you'd like my skype contact info email me via my blog profile and I will reply.

Anthony Peake said...

I agree with Robin that it is a perfect way to communicate. Sad that the video link only works with two but we cannot expect perfection!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Now I presume (or do I assume? What is the difference? *scratches head*), erm, that in order to utilise this SKYPE type rhubarb to its full potential, I would require one of those webcam type whatnots; am I correct?
If so then forget it, why would a fella with an ego that resides in a cupboard under the stairs have a webcam? I don't even have photos!
Hee Hee!

So, without a webcam I presume (assume?) that one can still have a verbal communication, and even a conference call, of such.

Robin said...

If your ego talks and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If it is such that it can't be seen, can it be heard?

Karl Le Marcs said...

It talks to me occasionally but my motherly SuperEgo keeps it underwraps (poor thing).
And many would say I should be seen and not heard, and that even this is the lesser of two evils!
The Swines!!

Robin said...

Big Sync strikes again! I started reviewing the posts on the blog and wrote my comment above before reading Karl's use of the forest riddle on Roshini's post. I swear I am not a plagiarist!

Karl Le Marcs said...


*points and runs after Robin!*


That was weird, yes. BLIMEY!

Martín Garrido Ramis said...

lo poco que he podido entender, por mi escaso inglés, me parece interesante.