Tuesday 6 May 2008

New Kid in Town

Hello friends. I am very excited to be the latest member of this amazing blog. I’ve been enjoying this group’s work for a couple of months now and recently found the courage to comment on one of Tony’s posts. As luck would have it, that single comment generated an invitation to join. Now I find myself standing among giants…an incredible honor indeed. As part of this inaugural post, here is my original comment:

"That such a diverse group of believers sees a certain truth in your words is a credit to your work. I think in shows you have touched on the common thread that runs through most all belief systems. And though I don't necessarily agree with all of your theory, I feel your work is one of the most important of the new century. What you have done, more than just promote a theory, is force people to think. Due to its mind bending properties I have affectionately labeled your book as LSD for the New Age. I can't wait for the next one."



Rosh said...

robert: welcome!

Anthony Peake said...

ROBERT: I echo Roshni's greetings. I hope that you enjoy making contributions to our little (but rapidly expanding) group. I am always excited when a new person joins because it usually means another point-of-view on ITLAD that we had not thought about.

Thank you also for your kind comments with regards to my first book.

By the way, how did you find this site?

Jesamyn said...

Hey Man, welcome to our AwA World!!!Acid without Acid, sorry a weak attempt at humour... yes we are a diverse group of people and as you so rightly say we all think new thoughts because of Anthony and that can only be good!!! Do not ever be afraid to comment, we welcome you!!!
Talk again...

Karl Le Marcs said...


Hello Robert, welcome to the cerebral carnival of consciousness.

Thank you for your email (to which I have responded of course) and thank you also for initially commenting on my "The 'Sensation' Of Being Stared At" post and my "Collapsing the Consciousness Wave" theory on your other blog site.

It was amazing to see not only Tony's theories but also those of my own being discussed on sites away from here.

I hope to hear more from you in the future both on blog and via email.

Cheers Robert.

rac said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. To answer your question Tony, my road here was through the Servants of the Light. As a prior student I still keep this wonderful organization on my radar screen.

Karl Le Marcs said...

RAC: WOW, synchrondipitously Tony and I are attending a meeting of the Servants Of The Light (SOL) in two weeks' time!

Robert, we must talk more regarding SOL off-blog on email.

Anthony Peake said...

Wheels within wheels!

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki requested that I do a lecture on the theme of Space & Time to open the SOL's "Sirius" weekend on the 23rd of May. I am very honoured by this, particularly as this is the second time I have done a lecture for this fascinating organisation. In November I presented my 'Introduction to CTF' to the SOL's international lodge representatives at the annual "Ceremony of the Banners".

Karl and Gary will also be in attendance on the 23rd. We are hoping to forge a strong relationship between the SOL and our envisaged International Society of Itladian Philosophers (ISIP).

Karl Le Marcs said...

Has the IAIP been disbanded?
Did I miss a meeting?
*looks around for memo*

Anthony Peake said...

A Question of association and society. On reflection I prefer association because it implies flexibility and choice whereas society tends to have its own controls. Lets stick with IAIP!

Karl Le Marcs said...

YAY! I don't need to destroy all this stationary!

Anthony Peake said...

Whatever you do, never move the stationary. It gets semantically confused.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Who moved the stationery cupboard?

*oh how we all laughed*

Robin said...

Maybe 'association' is better and it does sound less like a cult. (pass the kool-aid please) But ISIP had a deeper meaning. "I sip" as in I thirst for knowledge therefore ISIP.

Anthony Peake said...

ROBIN: Interesting suggestion. ISIP has a ring to it - Problem is, after many ale infused meeting with Karl, Gary, HB and Ed, sipping is not the preferred style of imbuing. As such we would need to call ourselves ISLURP - the "International Society of Learned Unaligned Rebellious Philosophers".

Jesamyn said...

Good One Tony!!! But as a Champagne drinker I do not want to carry a card saying I belong to Islurp!!! And dearest Susan Marie does not drink at all... what can we ladies be known to do???ITITIAI... I Think Itladically Therefore I am Itladean...sorry Inane is more like it !!! and it sounds dreadful!!! Just keeping my name up there so I dont get booted into Infinity!!!Cheers....

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: *splurts out ale* Hee Hee!
"I sip therefoe I am!!!"

Tony: Well said, that man!!
All hail to the ale, etc etc.

If we do need a reason to loll about in pub discussing our own peculiar brand of existential hooplah then we can have one:

ITLADian Noetic Fellowship of Underimbibed Substances Excuse (INFUSE)

So we can now all be ale-infused (re Champagne-Infused in the style of the much more decadent Jesamyn) in the name of Science !

ps (Jesamyn): Lovin' ya ITTIAI by the wayr hun.