Saturday 17 May 2008

Virgin Life - Deja Vu

Oh goodie it's another Virgin life post! Was just wondering if there has been any research into Virgin Lifers that do claim to have Deja vu and other Daemon based phenomenon? Is that a complete contradiction because if it is i think it's a dangerous problem. I agree with a fair majority of Tony's theory but have several issues with this Virgin Life concept that i probably couldn't do justice by attempting to explain.

Surely it can't be as simple as if you claim to have had Deja Vu than you are not a Virgin Lifer!


johar said...


That's a really interesting question. And now I'm going to ask some more! lol

Is it possible for a VL to have 'pseudo' deja vu experiences that come from the memories stored withing the objective consciousness field?

And if so, how is this accessed as I believe it's the daemon that interacts with the objective consciousness field. If the VL has no daemon, how can it happen?

SM Kovalinsky said...

To my thinking, even a VL would of necessity have some form of daemon or sub-daemon, from ancestry, and ancestral residue in the subconscious. I once knew what I meant by this, when speaking to Ken, but now I can't quite lay hold of my own thought. But there is much in Tony's daemon/eidolon dyad which is also applicable to the unconscious and to archetypes, although he certainly does have an interesting angle in the Bohmian IMAX, which takes it to another level. Johar, you yourself said something to this effect on the blog the other day, but my brain is not working for me today: guess I should stay off the blog when I am this hazy. . . Or were you speaking of the big bang? I can't think right now.

Hurlyburly said...

Indeed Johar did, i just commented on something there myself about a similar problem

Karl Le Marcs said...

As far as I know, I am the only person to suggest that such a thing as a Virgin Life exists, so no I would suspect there to be no other research into it.

Where Tony suggests that Deja Vu is a symptom of a glitch in the Bohmian IMAX which is replayed to consciousness from memories of past lives then I assert a Virgin Life will not experience Deja Vu as no previous life has been experienced.

To try and clarify: In order for us to have Tony's CTF related recurrences played back to our consciousness via the Bohmian IMAX then it stands to logic that there must have been a first-run through which was the original recording.

Karl Le Marcs said...

"Is it possible for a VL to have 'pseudo' deja vu experiences that come from the memories stored withing the objective consciousness field?"
JoJo, you seem to use my "objective consciousness field" idea quite a lot - thank you.
In answer to your question, yes, kind of, as I assert in dreams and other reduced levels of empirical awareness we can communicate with the Akashic Records. This would be Deja Vu (ish) but would more likely be precognitive or signal based rather than re-experiencing an event in you life.
Hope this helps.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie:

I shall post my wi-fi analogy for you to consider.

Rosh said...

hey! hurly burly!ive yet to understand many things that is written on this blog...
but,karl had written about The Mandalay Effect - a subtle awareness that somebody, as yet un-met will feature in one's future ive written before, i feel as if im with friends....and one day we all will is this mandalay effect...i dont know... so help!

SM Kovalinsky said...

Thank you. I will be out for an hour, and then would love to remark on it, providing I can do it justice. smk

Hurlyburly said...

My question is one of those silly question which seems to answer itself, but the underlying point is more so to draw attention to particular terms that are thrown around and not to get to carried away with them as i think they can alter our understanding of what seem to be going on!

Also within this theory you are definately the first but within other belief structures and religions there are terms such as "Old soul" that reffere to people who have been around this universe an awful lot!

I just worry that some of these labels might sometimes restrict us from accepting other possibilities that are equally as likely.

Also, surely there are people experiencing other similarities to Deja Vu that aren't Deja Vu? Maybe my underelying points were it's practically impossible to identify who is a Virgin Lifer and also that it's all so, so, so dreadfully subjective!!

SM Kovalinsky said...

Well, the question, Hurly, is an excellent one: It facilitates debate!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Roshni: THANK YOU !!
For those unaware, the previous posts to which Rosh alludes are linked here:

Last Night I Dreamt I Went To Mandalay Again (The Rachael Story)"


The Mandalay Effect

But thank you again Rosh for making the connection.

Hurlyburly said...

If time is circular and the past present and future are the same thing, surely (shirley) it makes no difference if you are in your first run through seeing ahead to your second, or your fourth to your fith ect. You still may be able to access the future through other means, such as your previous post suggests. If each life is different even slightly, the only difference would be to have no Daemon guidence, but if there are only subtle changes occuring there would be no need for Daemon influence unless they considered it necessary. Maybe sometimes lives just pan out as they shoud do without any outside help!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hurlyburly: The 'difference' I would assert, is in subjective consciousness not objective consciousness.

In the Virgin Life you have no concept of recurrences, but in my theory you are still part of the objective consciousness field, just merely a collapsed particle of the higher universal wave, so you do have access to higher consciousness through dreams, Samadhi, meditations etc etc.

In Daemonic returns your subjective consciousness also now has a prior knowledge of past life and as I have stated previously, Life-With-One-Eye-On-The-Present (Eidolon and Virgin Life) is in a different time perspective to Life-with-one-eye-on-the-future (Daemonic) as Tony's book deals with so excellently.

Hurlyburly said...

Ok, that was nicley explained. Thanks!

Karl Le Marcs said...

*bows respectfully*

Jesamyn said...

Karl... could you be a *Born again Virgin??* and again
and again...
*smacks newborns bottom yet again* eeek sorry
this may be removed sternly on the Morrowe....
oh lord private PS.... word verification says ageon well either you are ageless or VERY aged and virginal each time...this is getting quite ludicrous and I AINT making it up!!!

Hurlyburly said...

What an interesting concept! This would allow Tony's theory to merge with reincarnation and qunatum leap starring Scott Backula!!

There's definately something in this though, we play out a life untill we get it right then we move onto the next one!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Jesamyn: *giggles*
If we consider each birth to be Virginal in Life then none of Tony's theory would have ANY element of truth about it, and I think we all know that is nonsense. (erm, not his book, the suggestion that it has no truth is, er, nonsensical - you know what I mean!)

private ps, wait to see what tomorrow's word is!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hurlyburly: As I said to Jez, "If we consider each birth to be Virginal in Life then none of Tony's theory would have ANY element of truth about it" -

If one is reborn a 'Virgin Lifer' then CTF and ITLAD die, which is why my theory incorporates ITLAD and CTF into it!

It doesn't NEED to; it works independent from CTF but I feel so srongly that Tony has developed a worldly fascinating concept which I agree with, so it makes sense to blend the two as it makes both our theories even stronger when viewed with the other.

In Tony's theory there is no AFTER-LIFE as we never die, existing in ETERNAL returns played out to our consciousness via his Bohmian IMAX. But I assert such returns cannnot be ETERNAL owing to the 'quanta of time', so there must logically be a Virgin Life at one end of our holistic existence and what I term an Utimate Life at the end, that being where Daemon and Eidolon have fused and the Daemon knows there is no space-time left in which to play out another return.

To quote my theory:

"I suggest at the end of our Ultimate Life (after thousands of BOHMIAN IMAX recurrences), we therefore lose sentience and once no longer observing empirical input we 'un-collapse' our particle of consciousness and it ascends back to the Consciousness Field and the Akashic Records, to mix freely with all universal consciousnesses so as to then to be collapsed again in a new form by a newly born sentience.'

Thus, in all of us, within our particle of consciousness, exists atoms of every one who has ever lived and thought and experienced, and this is why the Quantum Entanglements feel so strong sometimes. My theory could also now help explain re-incarnation, past-life regression and multi-personality disorders etc.

Thanks Martin, for saying you think I "definitely have something in this".

Cheers, hope the above helps explain and clarify.