Monday 26 May 2008

The Daemon in our Lives

We have talked extensively about the important role the daemon plays in our lives.

I believe the daemon is the guide that is part of our selves and also the connection to the universal consciousness.

So, the daemon is running the recording of previous runs. Its goal is to help us evolve to our full potential and reach our ultimate life.

This maybe the recognition of past mistakes, the need to learn something specific to move forward or maybe just going over old ground to appreciate the goodness of our lives and gain a greater insight and therefore learning, also an evolutionary step forward.

Q1) Is it possible for the daemon to make mistakes? As part of the collective can it get it’s ‘wires crossed’ leading us in a direction that’s not meant to happen? By being part of the universal consciousness, can the daemon get confused with the infinite ‘traffic’ within the egregore? Or would you say it’s our free will that leads us, metaphorically, ‘up the garden path’ and the daemon always has our best interests at heart? That the daemon tries, ultimately to do what is right by us, as it is us, even if it causes us immense pain and suffering?

Q2) Conversely, if the daemon does not make mistakes, in recognizing that a certain path is not the evolutionary step forward it wants us to make, can the daemon ‘cause’ obstacles to it’s eidolon to be removed to ensure the move forward is achieved. Even if the obstacle is another human being? Could a daemon interfere with the daemon of another's eidolon to meet the goals of it's own?

Free will still exists because the eidolon ultimately makes the choices but I wonder if the will of the daemon is such that it will do everything in its power to steer the eidolon in the right direction.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Hi JoJo!

Q1): YES, because the Daemon is only a guide to the Eidolon, who is ultimately the decision-maker within subjective consciousness. Even if one hears 'voices' or senses not to do something, the Eidolon need not take notice. Such is Free-Will.

Q2): YES, up to the point where the Eidolon does accept Daemonic guidance.......
and NO, because if the Eidolon diverges from the path of the past life review within the Bohmian IMAX then from that point onwards neither the Eidolon not the Daemon have any idea what the future holds as a Virgin Recording is being made.

In conclusion, YES, the Daemon is that part of subjective consciousness that has lived YOUR life before, and its role is to assist and guide the Eidolon through countless (although not infinite, I assert) life recurrences within the Bohmian IMAX, logically to the Ultimate Life and fusion of the duality into the unity that the Virgin Life had, but now with memories of many, many, many past lives.

johar said...

Hi Karl,

If the eidolon diverges from the path of the past life review within the Bohmian Imax, is it not possible that the daemon has led the eidolon there for a specific purpose? No, the daemon won't know what happens next, so it will be a virgin recording, but the daemon has the eye on the future that knows where it wants the eidolon to go. The eidolon still has free will and can make a myriad of choices but the daemon has got the eidolon there intentionally. So the daemon knows of the end goal already and whether it takes 40 lives or 4000 lives the daemon already has the outcome planned.

From this, I wonder then, despite being of universal consciousness, is the daemon only interested in it's primary goal, that of it's eidolon?

If that is the case, how far would the daemon go to achieve that end? Does the daemon consider universal harmony when guiding it's eidolon or focus only on the eidolon's ultimate goal?

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...

"If the eidolon diverges from the path of the past life review within the Bohmian Imax, is it not possible that the daemon has led the eidolon there for a specific purpose?"

- Yes, of course it is, but it has no idea what the outcome will be so this new Virgin Recording will become the blueprint for the next recurrence and so on.
So I can't agree that "the Daemon knows of the end goal already" as it only knows your past life up to the moment where the Virgin Recording begins. From there it has no more eye on the future than the Eidolon.

And the Daemon is NOT of universal consciusness, it is YOUR subjective part of consciousness that has lived YOUR life before. So it's ONLY objective is the progression of the Eidolon to a "better" life.

johar said...

I am of the belief that the daemon part of us is what connects us to the universal consciousness. Subjective and objective consciousness.

I am also beginning to wonder if we all have a goal from the very beginning. We are created for an ultimate purpose. The daemons goal of helping it's eidolon achieve it's purpose creates and feeds the essential energy within the egregore. In which case the daemon will get us there by any means.

All hypothetical musings, of course.

Karl Le Marcs said...

The problem JoJo is that the Daemon is a subjective being! Your Daemon has no concept, knowledge or communication with the Eidolon of Mrs Bakewell (who lives across the road from me, Bless Her)!!
Thus it cannot be connected to Universal (objective) consciousness. The Daemon is simply YOUR remembrance of YOUR past life.

Now suggesting Collective Daemonic Consciousness, as I have written on previously is different!!

Then you enter my theory!

By using words like "created" and contemplating "if we all have a goal from the very beginning" it begins to take you down a one-way road which I'm not going to journey with you on!

An egregore is a collective "thought-form" so I'm unsure how Eidolonic Daemonic Guidance feeds such with any energy!

And again, the Daemon can only direct us to that point in our past life that it wants us to bifurcate from, after that it has NO idea of the outcome, such is the purpose of the multitude of recurrences.

johar said...

I thought the subjective daemon was also part of the collective daemonic consciousness? Sorry to ask you go over it again.

To use an analogy, if you spot a gap in the market, you put all you energy into filling that gap and achieving a personal goal whilst also providing a service for others. I liken that to how we become. There is a 'gap' in the consciousness field which requires a certain purpose to fill it, hence the subjective consciousness created fulfills that role. It creates the energy through many life runs to keep the objective consciousness moving forward and evolving. I'm thinking along the lines of the Akashic Records, they are not static, they evolve. They require updating.

I think I've used the term egregore incorrectly, sorry.

Karl Le Marcs said...

"Sorry to ask you go over it again"

I can hear the collective groans from here!!!


Jo, if you want me to go over it ALL again then I am very happy to do so, but I would probably suggest doing it off-blog to save everyone's sanity!

Briefly: The Daemon is PART of YOUR subjective consciousness. Subjective Consciousness is PART of Objective Consciousness.

If there could possibly be such a thing as a "gap" in the consciounsess field then such a "gap" would have to have been pre-identified by consciousness thus immediately "filling" iteslf and becomming impossible!!

Depending on your viewpoint (and I won't go into that in depth here), the Akashic Records are either the memories of everything that has ever happened, anywhere, anywhen, anyhow OR they also include everything that CAN and WILL ever happen! It is open to debate!

Stop using terms incorrectly, it confuses everyone (and me)


johar said...

Thank you for your responses Karl. *smile*

Karl Le Marcs said...

*bows majestically while backing slowly from the room, falling over an overstuffed pouffe that had escaped previous mention*

johar said...

On a serious note, Karl, I appreciate your help immensely and am humbled that you give it so freely!

To any new bloggers joining us or those simply observing, you can ask this guy ANYTHING!!!

The only stupid question is the one you DON'T ask!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Thank you and you're very welcome.

Jesamyn said...

Hear hear Johar!!! He hasn't failed yet.. on any subject from magic to music!!Oh thanks Karl for the smile re your overstuffed pouffe!!Feeling less down today and humble that Tony took off skeleton pic for me.. how silly was I!!This Blog and all of you can make anyone smile!!Thanks again!!As I said to Tony we are after all, all skeletons!! Oh I will be quiet now..before you whip out Moderators Blog Hat..oh now my word verification is bmtiam.. maybe you backing over pouffe!! Let me help you up..


Karl Le Marcs said...

Jesamyn: *dofs cap*
'Tis awful kind of you, fair Jesamyn, but I is but an 'umble fellow.

*giggles at bmtiam - bumpt I am!!*