Sunday 25 May 2008

Servants of the Light (SOL)

On Friday evening I was honoured to present the opening lecture for the Servants Of The Light (SOL) 'Ritual With Purpose" weekend. Gary and Karl were also keen to attend so the three of us made our way over to the foothills of the Pennines in East Cheshire.

The theme of my talk was 'Space & Time' and I decided to focus on the subjective nature of time perception and to present evidence that precognition is a reality rather than a supposition.

The reception my presentation received was fantastic. Indeed we spent another hour not only discussing the implications of ITLAD and CTF but also receiving some amazing personal experiences from the audience, all of whom gave huge support to both theories. The majority of these focused in on the reality of the Daemon as a guiding force within human experience.

The subject then moved to synchronicity and one member of SOL was not only amazed at the series of coincidences that facilitated his attendance but also how many elements of itlad were being shown to be true by the work of The Federation of Damanhur in Italy - a place that he had been only a few days before. He strongly advised that direct contact should be made with this organisation (

As we discussed synchronicity my eye caught the front cover of the booklet outlining the weekend's events. I simply could not believe my eyes.

The image on the cover is the one at the start at the post. Remind you of anything?

Take a look at my posting of the 1st May 2008

Look at the image that I hypnogogically 'saw' whilst holding the Solar Cross.

Now is that not weird .... and clearly significant!!!
May I thank Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and Elizabeth Fox for again allowing me a platform to get across my ideas and theories. And thanks to Karl and Gary for not only attending with me but also for the great conversation and witty bantor in the car both on our way there and on our way back.
Thank you also to the attendees of the Ritual. You made me very welcome and I really enjoyed our chats afterwards. You are all also very welcome to join in with us here on our little part of the web. Any contributions, comments or questions will be more than welcome.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Ah! It was a truly Magickal evening!

I completely agree with you and wish to publicly say thank you Tony for taking me (and Gary) along with you on Friday evening; my esoteric eye was certainly re-opened and despite my many experiences through life, I have seldom had such an enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and spiritually illuminating night as this.

And that’s saying something!

As I sat in the Hotel Bar in the very wee small hours of Saturday morning sipping a glorious Malt and deep in thought, I knew that another insomniacal night was ahead of me, but I was thankful as I had so much to think about.

Thank you also to all within the Servants Of The Light for allowing me to attend; to dear Dolores, who it was fantastic to see again after 10 years, and also to Elizabeth, Andy and Dean especially, with whom I had some fabulous conversations and development of thought-forms.

Having attended many of Tony’s lectures and talks to a variety of audiences it was particularly interesting to witness the esoteric approach to ITLAD/CTF and indeed my own theory which Tony was very kind enough to touch upon during his presentation.

The Q&A was particularly of note, being amongst ones not unware of the power of an egregore, and several new aspects of Tony’s theory (and my own) came to me whilst talking and listening to the group.

The power of collective subjective consciousness!!

I have quite a bit to say on the Damanhur project after two days of considerable researching and may compose a post around the subject for this blog, with Tony’s agreement and involvement I would hope.

And the car journey (especially back to Chester) was a prime example that you need not be ale-infused to be intoxicated: cerebral stimulus can have equally powerful effects.

Blessed Be!

johar said...

All roads lead to the star, Tony, that's startling! How did you feel when you saw it?

This post has really 'peaked' my interest, I'm utterly intrigued by the workings for the SOL. I look forward to hearing from members on this blog.

Thanks for telling us about it.

johar said...

Right, I'm packing my bags and going to live in Damanhur!! What an amazing place. Thanks for the link, Tony.

SM Kovalinsky said...

I, as Johar, am also very intrigued by this post and the idea of SOL. Of course the star has meaning, and I am sure a very auspicious sign of your augury, Tony. They must have been wholly honored to hear your presentation, and I hope my blog link has not irritated you???
KLLM: Your comments were wild and whirling words to me, and I do believe you must be very in your element among Servants, of Light or even of darkness. Thought forms are your strong suit, very few can say such. You do have power to evoke and create, all hues in your controlling, as the sonnet says. In Wilhelm's "man of the inward heart" I have always found great beauty, and that you yourself, and Tony, are able to find a field of action for just this quality, which you both possess in superabundance, is awesome, "shock and awe" follow close upon. This must surely be a British thing, cannot imagine servants of light in America. I do hope these servants will post: I am eager to hear more and Tony's star must surely be very auspicious RE this group.

Unknown said...

As a member of SOL who attended this weekend referred to I want to extend my thanks to Tony for his presentation and for Karl and Gary.

As a physics graduate I found the talk very enjoyable but.....

I have to remain 'sceptical', but I do add a 'healthy scepticism' as Tony's ideas deserve wide circulation and study.

Specific points are that the story of Schroedingers cat is a good way of indicating the so called bizarre nature of QM but the interpretation given is not the only one that fits the observation. The cat is not 'actually' in two states. What is is our KNOWLEDGE of the state of the cat. This is a key point. The Copenhagen interpretation works by stating that this knowledge is unknowable until observation and consequently irrelevant. At this point it is impossible to get at the information without 'collapsing the wavefunction' i.e. observation. At that point the 50% probability density function (psi^2) is 'collapsed' to a 100% actuality. One of the biggest issues is trying to understand what the wave function actually is, no one has given a particularly good physical meaning to a square root of the PD function.

Anyway a great and interesting talk.

One of the bloggers above mentions servants of the light or dark. The name of our organisation is the Servants of the Light. Funnily enough this school is worldwide and includes USA.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Your point is extremely well taken, and I do apologize for any implication regarding darkness. And I looked up your organization and was delighted to see that you are in fact in the US! So grateful to see someone from there post remarks. Thank you.

Unknown said...

No worries Susan, we use the term Light to mean: That creative spiritual essence that guides and directs the universe. Some call it God, or whatever, but such words come with lots of 'baggage'. And we all know that bad things are done in the name of that 'baggage'! The school is secular spiritual (rather than 'religious'!!.

Our Director of Studies spends many months in the US giving lectures, talks and workshops these are usually posted on the website.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Thank you kindly: I will have to look up these postings. Your explanation is both to the point, and eloquent, and I do thank you for it.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Bon: Welcome to our ITLADic Lodge.

Thank you for your words and I'm sure I speak for Tony and Gary when I say thank you, and that you all made us feel very welcome.

Now, interestingly, given your comments around Schrodinger's Cat, I agree (largely).

In 1935 when Erwin Schrodinger devised the thought experiment to show the problems within the new (then) Quantum Mechanics, and especially to the Copenhagen Interpretation of Bohr et al, it was a strong example!

With many advances in Science and Philosophy (along with other pertaining areas), we are in a better, and more knowledgeable, position now to look into the deeper meanings.

As I've said on here before for one instance, surely the Cat itself would be an "Observer", but anyway.......

When we take Tony's CTF and ITLAD theories and place them within my "Collapsing the Consciousness Wave" theory (introductory links at the end of this comment), then there becomes no Wany WORLDS Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics required, as it becomes re-branded the Many MINDS Interpretation.

The cat, in effect, NEVER exists is a superposition state within ones subjective consciousness, BUT DOES, in objective consciousness.

Our KNOWLEDGE of the state of the cat is subjective and the wave collapse decoheres and is observable by others to be the same. BUT, if any other person (a seperately subjective consciousness) observed the cat first, rather than I, then it MAY WELL have been a different observation as their MINDS are working PARALLEL to ours.

So to answer you wondeful question Bon, I assert that;

"We are all one consciousness,
but experiencing itself subjectively,
as collapsed particles of consciousness,
from the objective consciousness field waveform."

We are readers of the Akashic Records!

(Remember my Sea and Bucket analogy I gave at the SOL during Tony's lecture!?!?)

Karl Le Marcs said...


Peakeian Daemonology

How Soon Is Now

The 'Sensation' Of Being Stared At

Where Is The Internet? (An Analogy)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: I simply have to say THANK YOU for your astonishing words about me a few comments above, that I have just seen. What can I say? You humble me daily and I thank you for it.
*bows respectfully*

Aloha Gary said...

Aloha once again!

thank you to all at SOL especially Dolores, Elizabeth, Andy and Dean for their welcome!

I was astonished how friendly everyone was, as other groups I've met have been decidedly *frosty*.

So hurrah for SOL hospitality, and for a remarkably sobriety-infused journey on many levels, back to Chester!

Fascinating talk from Tony as always, and synchrondipities galore!