Thursday 8 May 2008

Flanagan's Apple Meeting Friday 23rd May 2008

A small group of Itladian philosophers will be meeting tomorrow at around 1400 (UK time) in the real world 'version' of Flanagan's Apple in Liverpool, England. So far we have Gary, Karl, Richard, Alan and myself involved.

Whilst discussing the finer points of itlad and CTF (and probably imbuing small quantities of ale) we will attempt to log-on Second Life. I intend to bring my laptop with me and I know that Karl will have his. We will then have our avatars meet in the SL version of Flanagan's Apple. In this way we will play with reality and virtual reality in a way that itladians the world over will appreciate. Should any of you folks out there in cyberspace wish to join in please feel free to do so.

This is a dummy-run for a more planned attempt for the future but I am sure it will still be great fun.


Hurlyburly said...

Conspiracy against southerners...

johar said...

Hi Guys,

I can't gain access to SL as I don't think I have the right software. Can you tell me what I need to update or add on so I can join you lot at some point?



Robin said...

I'll be there after I drop my daughter off at school. So I might be a little late. Order me a pint will ya? I'll be thirsty by the time I arrive! *wink*

and to JO:
Here's the download page: I hope you are able join us!

Robin said...

Does anyone else think HB's new photo has a "Lewis Carroll" feel to it?

It's great!

Anthony Peake said...

ROBIN: Absolutely. HB as the caterpillar. Of course I always wondered what the caterpillar was smoking in that hookah!
HB: Terribly sorry old boy. We really have nothing against you Southern jesses you know!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Erm, nobody said anything to me about the ale quantities being small!

I have an ale-infused reputation to maintain you know!


Yes, I'll be there writing away on my trusty old laptop with the crayon-like graphics card, and I'm thankful that this IAIP gathering was far easier for me to organise than Tony's birthday surprise!
(not as many time zones to consider)
although it is surprising how difficult it can be finding a mutually agreeable day for 5 or 6 ITLADian Philosophers to loll about in the pub discussing all manner of surrealist toot.

*raises glass to absent Ed*

And Hurlyburly, fear not young man, A Dark Philosopher will be spending some quality time in his dear old Camden Town and Londinium in a few weeks, so we'll get the Southern Jesses branch of IAIP up and running shall we dear boy?

*suddenly remembers I have cheesecake in the fridge*

rac said...

It's exciting to know a Many Worlds version of me will be in attendance. Please don't let me drink too much as I tend to make an ass of myself. I look forward to hearing how much fun I had.

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...

RAC: Now you're getting the hang of the old MWI mullarkey! And sit yourself between Aloha Gary and myself: That way you won't have time to drink too much!

Aloha Gary said...

Is that because we'll be drinking his beer for him? *hic*

Aloha Gary said...

oh and re: quantities of ale, I understand that Tony must have been referring to the measure known as 'pints' obviously he is more used to larger vessels in his own household?

Jon Watts said...

I've been looking at that bottle on the virtual table... Does it say Guinness?

Anthony Peake said...

This is really building up into some party!!!!

I have also placed a general invite to the passing through readers of my website.

I am also hopeful that Richard (who is active on SL but has yet to join our little gang here)will be able to contact the designers of SL's "Matthew Street" to also join in insome way or other.

But remember ... this just a dummy run so if it doesn't work out as planned we will try again.

Anthony Peake said...

I have just tested out my laptop for this afternoon's meeting. I have now set up SKYPE on it. My laptop SKYPE name is anthony.a.peake

Now this may be a way to get a conference going even if the Second Life Idea does not work.

So any of you guys who have not got SKYPE on your PC download a copy (its free) and join in on a conference call.

I know that Jon in Alaska and Robin in Oklahoma have SKYPE so they can join in.

We will also be joined on SKYPE by Bill Murtha, the guy who had the amazing NDE experience off the south coast of England. I have SKYPED him this morning and he is keen to join in.

So get downloading the SKYPE software, get yourself a webcam and/or microphone and log in.



Karl Le Marcs said...

I'm sure I speak for everyone, Aloha Gary included, when I say that we hope this project requires many more of these dummy runs.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Well, I must say that a good time was had by all on the ITLADic get together.

We had some connectivity issues to WiFi and Second Life owing to the rather wispish signal strength in Flanagan's Apple so I think next time we will need to either speak to the owners of Flanagan's to see if they can give their signal some welly, or see if Gary can obtain from his CIA buddies and the Japanese computer geeks some whojamaflip type gadget to soup up the connectivity. Or Some Such!

But, apart from that, and the fact that seemingly the only plug socket in the pub was right next to the toilets, it was a good day.

Great people, good (surreal) conversations, ale-infusion and many gags!


*even much ale-infusion doesn't help my legendary insomnia however*