Wednesday 14 May 2008

What once seemed just a wall, is now a door...

Harking back to today's conservatory meeting with Tony, and the astonishing music track incident to which he refers in the previous post, I want to mention some other thoughts the warm afternoon helped inspire.

As we marvelled at the growing interest around the globe, I commented how Tony's book seems to be opening up a whole new pespective on 'what' and 'who' we are, creating a novel entry point or doorway (Kaballah?? - re: the book on your table today, Tony), through which we can try to find answers to the nature of our existence. Tony's conclusions in his book may be right or may be wrong, but it seems now, to me, to have become somewhat of a detail, because 'pre-ITLAD', my theories (and academic interest) about myself and those around me were limited to films and what I read in 'The Secret'. How far I have journeyed in such a short time... and such a long way to go!

Thanks Tony... the real purpose of your work may still be a mystery to you and others, but I now know that it is a key part of imminent changes in collective consciousness. Your role is clear... you must continue to explore, facilitate and write. You must follow where your subconscience leads you and not worry that the mission may still be unclear. All will surely be revealed in due course.



Karl Le Marcs said...

Nice words Ed; I have been trying to get Tony to realise what you say for months!!

If he and I got our heads together we could blow Reality's eyes wide open!!

Come on Tony, who cares if the road ahead is darkened, let us illuminate it!!

SM Kovalinsky said...

I fully second that. And Ed has only put so eloquently what all on this blog have thought and known for some time. It is more than a book or a theory which has come into being: I agree with Ed's analogy of the door, and it opens to something essential, an historical moment, to my thinking. This is what I have tried to explain, in my emails to Tony and to Karl. I have noticed for some time, that American academia has become locked, between the 2 camps of a populace which is highly spiritual but woefully irrational, and the scientists which have closed their ranks against anything which has the mark of transcendence. I have seen, have comprehended, the wondrous alchemy at work on this blog, and even more so in the persons of Peake and KLLM. And now it is palpable to me: some signpost to an alternative route has appeared, I really do believe an unlocking, an opening to the future -- which has scientific theory, transcendence, reason, and the ethics of reason all on its side -- is well at hand. A true accounting is at last possible, and I think it issues from Tony, and from Karl, and I am grateful in the extreme.

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...

Hey Tony, well I guess we have at least one reader for the
Anthony Peake and Karl L Le Marcs
(Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory Of Everything)

rac said...

Agreed, very well put ED. We tread dangerous ground when we believe in the false conquest of truth. To think we can know the unknowable will lead us only into dogma and close mindedness (as Susan points out). Tony's book is a signpost on a path very few are brave enough to travel. It is only by leap of faith that one can make this journey because the destination may never be revealed.

johar said...

Hi Ed,

WOW, more synchrondipity. I was doing a night shift with an agency nurse on Sunday and was chatting to her about ITLAD and the blog. She was really interested and I showed her the Entangled Minds book I was reading by Dean Radin. She, in her turn showed me the book she was reading - The Secret!. I hadn't heard of this book before and now it's been mentioned twice in the same week.

I concur with your comments, this book is opening such a vista of possibilities. I'm constantly mulling it over, asking myself questions and searching. I've made peace with the fact that my questions raise more questions with every answer! I don't feel like the ground in completely firm under my feet anymore and I've stepped out of my comfort zone into uncertainty - and it ain't too bad actually!!!
I know how quickly life can change and as a fallible human I have always clung to the familiar and known to feel safe. This book, and I'm sure the next one, have put me in a slightly unsafe place - and I love it!

Tony, all the signs are there. Everything you say about these moments of synchrondipity simply seem, to me, like validation, little signs in the road that show you are on the right path. I look no deeper than that really, the meaning is the sign and the sign is the meaning..

johar said...


What's next? What are your plans once the second book is published?

Is there a collaboration with Karl on the horizon?

I read your book with joy and inspiration and look forward to the second with equal anticipation.

Since Karl's provocative and complimentary theory has been thrown into the melting pot it seems it is growing ever more, so how will this monster manifest?

Jesamyn said...

The Doors Of Perception indeed.... and I have also read *The Secret* and its precursors....Strangely enough every Esoteric book has *worked* when I applied it.... meaning that we are indeed Masters of our Own Universes or what we perceive to be thus...whether Lucid Dreams , Self Hypnosis, Creative Visualisation, Magick,Positive Thinking,
The Secret, ohh NLP, Huna Stuff... hi Aloha Gary!!!!!! what we believe makes it so...
oh ITLAD!!!! sorry Tony!!!
*thanks the Universe for including self*
oh lordy sorry Karl!!! the worde verification this time is snifpgs... I jest not!!!! YAS i am almost scared here!!!Seriously!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

For clarification, Jesamyn and I are both members of "Book-Sniffers Anonymous" owing to our fondness for sniffing new books and old, and my own incandescent rage at anyone who bends the spine!!!