Saturday 3 May 2008


Ive to confess that I hate to receive gifts......Ive become cynical about receiving gifts....Ive become distrustful of people who give me something/or offer to do some favour for me..

I wonder why? I wonder what has made me so silly?

what is it that I really fear?

I feel so obliged to do/give more and even out the favour.......

sometimes I give away gifts(that Ive received) to other people....I feel so terrible....afterwards..

many a times, the gift....gets damaged...some how..and I don't use it then....I wonder why this it an unconscious effort to not use the gift..... ?

I feel happy to use things that Ive bought with my hard earned cash.... and let me tell u, I love to give gifts...

why am I not a good receiver?


SM Kovalinsky said...

Because your perception is astute, and you know that the giver has designs on you. Take heed.

Jesamyn said...

Nip this in the bud...NOW!!! I have been guilty too of this, and tucked things away for *future use* where a) sometimes they have spoiled, I have done this with perfume, or b) I have kept things for a *special event* as in going somewhere nice with my partner, then he passed on.. so that was clever was it not?? I feel it is a type of self sabotage and that one feels one does not *deserve* the item in question, and reverts to awaiting a time that will never come. We must do it in the Now as Anthony says and lay the foundation for the future.. USE ALL, ENJOY ALL!!! PLEASE!!!
Kind Regards\Jesamyn

Karl Le Marcs said...

Well spoken Jesamyn!

There's the rise in confidence I've been willing you to achieve in perfect action.

Inner turmoil accepted, adapted and adopted towards positivism.


Self-awareness is essential to development.

I'm profoundly proud of you.


Robin said...

When you don't have a materialist nature, receiving gifts can feel awkward. How should you respond? What should you do with it?

Make sure those who love you know what 'perfect gift' means to you.

Make the gifts you give to others an example of what you would like to receive.

...a poem
...a baby tree to plant
...a charitable contribution in honor of that person.

Robin said...

On a lighter note... I have trouble thinking of gifts for my brother-in-law. Last Christmas I left it up to my husband to shop for him. My 'always thinking outside of the box' hubby bought the guy a share of Playboy stock! LOL You should have seen the shock on the faces in the room when he unveiled that certificate! (we live in the bible belt) The moment was priceless!!!

Rosh said...

wow! you all have such different thoughts....!different perceptions!
i just lerant that ive to work on my self confidence..(though ive felt that im a very confident person!)