Wednesday 28 May 2008

Rebuttal to suicide

Osho on existence is a rebuttal to the previous post on suicide. To grow you've got to be here and to be here you've got to think life and yourself are wonderful. Suicide is the act of returning to daemonic reality and backing out of eidolon based reality. Should we condemn the suicidal as some religions do, for letting the team (the living) down? No because this is negative too. Life is reaching out in hope - death is collapsing back in despair (Letting go as opposed to fighting to hold on: Alice through the Looking Glass, and running on the spot to stay in the same place).

These things happen. Like disasters and accidents - the power to avoid things is not always there: Too tired to fight/ observe (stuck in daemon land/ feet not firmly planted on the ground).

I would have just added this as a comment but I'm having difficulty accessing this facility at the moment as well as getting on the blog in general (Technical difficulties with all things electronic at the moment - computer, DVD, Music Centre, scales - you name it!).


Rosh said...

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem....
When the pain becomes too much to cope only then do people think of suicide...and suicide can be prevented....!!!!u just need someone/anyone to listen!!!

Anthony Peake said...

PAIGE: Great to see you back with us. We have missed you! I presume that the logging-on problems eventually sorted itself out.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Paige: Hello my friend, we meet again! It's been a while, where shall we begin, feels like forever.

Wonderful to see such an uplifting comment from you on your return!

Good to have you back in the circle Paige!

johar said...

Hello Paige,

Lovely to meet you.

Human frailty beautifully explained.


ra from ca said...

I agree that a person who commits suicide should not be condemned, but the action itself can be.

Suicides among young men in North America are epidemic. They are struggling to define themselves and prove themselves, trying to deal with their sexuality, girls, and the demands society seems to place on them. Young men do not always realize that as they age they are going to become stronger and more confident, and they lose hope.

Some young men join gangs or the army to define themselves and get killed. Some sensitive and less macho types kill themselves. I see this as a societal as well as a individual dilemna.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Ra from Ca: Hi Ruth, I don't think we should be segregating suicide into a predominantly male activity!
(Indeed statistics suggest quite the reverse in attempted suicide rates)

As I said on Martin's original post:
Suicide merely re-boots the system, but the effect within the loved ones phaneron is devastating!

And anyhow, in another desparate attempt to keep everyone's chins up, we should look at the positive aspects towards life that Tony's book and theory bring to the party!

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SM Kovalinsky said...

KLLM: Well, those kittens are odd humor, British humor I would assume, but cute.

RA: Your point sits well with me in terms of young men: There is quite a difference between attempting and succeeding at suicide, and the effects and ramifications are enormously different. There is a peculiar vulnerability in young males, and there is even much that might be discussed within eidolon/daemon theory , as it relates to "left/right" brained thinking ( a peculiarly "autistic" quality in young male thinking may be the key to the extremes of action). It is certainly a serious enough subject, and one which has strong meaning and reference for you, and I commend your remarks.

Jesamyn said...

Thanks for the post Paige!!!I think I remember you from The Universal Psychic Guild where I used to post as Rhiannon before defecting to Anthony's wonderful Blog!!!You are certainly correct in all that you say.. my ex father in law committed suicide and he was more depressed and in pain than he ever said, but left an awful legacy of sadness and guilt behind him...
Karl Thanks for Kitties, Phillip's are certainly warm and trusting as all loved animals eyes are towards a kind SMK says the humour of the $159 dollars escapes me.. I guess the guy just wants to leave us laughing.. which can only be good!!!
Anyway Welcome Again, we are all addicted to this Blog!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie and Jesamyn: Allow me to try and explain the humour behind the $159.

The therapist calms the patient down with the story of the kittens and by looking at Phillip. And then, when the patient is calm and receptive, the therapist casually throws in "that will be $159" and before the patient can object says "LOOK AT THE KITTENS".

OK it may be a British thing which we like to call Irony but it is funny to me (but then I am admittedly a tad odd)

And anyway, deconstructing humour tends to destroy it in the process.