Monday 26 May 2008

An interesting observation

Recently I was reading a book on microscopy and came across a little poem which although applies to plants could well apply to man's multi-lives, if you will allow me to write it up here.
The poem written in 1727 by Henry Baker entitled 'The Universe' subtitled 'A Poem Intended to Restrain the Pride of Man'.

Each Seed includes a Plant: that Plant again,
Has other Seeds, with other Plants contain:
Those other Plants have all their Seeds; and Those,
More Plants, again, successively inclose.
Thus,every single Berry we find,
Has, really, in itself whole Forests of it's Kind.

And it concluded with the revelation of 'Reason's piercing Eye',
That Adam's loins must have contained 'his large Posterity, All people that have been,and all that e'er shall be.'

I thought what a wonderful poem which in a way has a parallel with our multy souls or lives.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Rod: Thank You for posting the Baker poem.

I hope we shall see you comment on other posts on here as well.

Jesamyn said...

Thank you Rod. I started to read my son's 52 volumes of Philosophy!!!and I liked a saying very akin to this... as in What is Reality... The Flower says *you can kill me but I still Exist in Myriad forms Everywhere* i.e. seeds are Everywhere and are just one of Multiple forms of the whole Entity...

Anonymous said...

You must read a poem by the poet 'Ric Dee Lars', from the book 'Voices From Within the Well of Wishes and Worldy Feelings'. The Poem is "Conclusion...Altered State".