Monday 19 May 2008

is there life after death


Hurlyburly said...

I love the bit towards the end about our information (life) being uploaded! Some interesting stuff there and a nice use of computers as an analogy. (who would do such a thing!)

Ed said...


Another long, but fascinating read! The more I look at the analogies of technology , the more I am of a mind to view the advancement of technology as being for this very purpose... ie.. solely to lead us to the answers we seek about our existence.

I also believe that the apparent high, exponential rate of technological advancement is linked to how fast we are closing in on the 'answers'... not dissimilar to the statistic that most road accidents happen near to ones home.

Do you get the point I am trying to make?

A related thought is the one often held that we create our technology from our imagination. Perhaps this is linked to the law of attraction. We write about space travel and so we create the reality; we write about robots and so we create the robot; we make films about clones and we make them, Star trek had flip-up 'tri-corders' and now every kid on the planet seems to have one for communicating wirelessly.

Maybe all of these things are merely clues from the universe as to which direction to take. And now that people are more open to the 'art oft he possible', the time is ready for us to awaken ourselves to who and what we are. I see a time when we will all learn how(or maybe just become aware of our inate skill) to communicate without all the devices?

Keep on exploring the possibilities through the analogies... we might be onto something.


Rosh said...

HURLY BURLY; im so happy that u read a long post and that u loved it.....Some interesting stuff there and a nice use of computers as an analogy. (who would do such a thing!)....thats what i thought too, when i read it and wanted to share....

ED;yes, i understand what u say....its what has always been said.. our dreams become our thoughts, our thoughts become our actions, and our actions become our character...!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

"Some interesting stuff there and a nice use of computers as an analogy. (who would do such a thing!)"

Who would do such a thing indeed?

Surely such would suggest a uniqueness of thought and a single brilliance of mind! I for one would feel compelled to buy such a fellow several ales!


Roshni: Here, in your link you posted, is an excellent example why I think the publishers of Tony's book made an error of judgement in calling it "Is There Life After Death", which despite furnishing us with the delicious acronym ITLAD has deprived many of Tony's excellent "Cheating The Ferryman" thesis, as if he had been allowed to keep that as the title of the book then I am sure it would be categorised within the 'Popular Science' genre of writing and not the 'Reincartion and Afterlife' section where it is currently to be found, for those that come to ITLAD expecting answers within those areas will maybe not appreciate the genius of the work, and those who would appreciate the Scientific elements within it may have missed the book entirely.

Ed: I fully get the point you are trying to make and I support you wholeheartedly in making it. I will discuss your points with you on email and when we meet for a booze, ITLADic chat!

*cheers self up with rememberance that I have some cans of ale chilling in my Quantum Fridge*