Monday 26 November 2007

Many-Worlds Interpretation Programme. Tonight (Monday 26th Nov) at 2100

May I take the opportunity to thank Paige for pointing out that this important programme is on Freeview TV tonight (BBC 4). I strongly recommend that any of you that find my ideas on the Many-Worlds Interpretation a little strange should watch this programme. I have no idea how it will be put across but I am really looking forward to it. It will be presented by Mark Oliver Everett, the frontman of one of my favourite rock bands of recent years, the Eels. I used to listen to their music while researching information for the first book. Indeed I find it odd to think that I may have been doing so when I first came across the work of Hugh Everett III, whose PhD paper in 1957 was to start the whole Many-Worlds (also known as the 'Many Minds') Interpretation of Quantum Physics, because Mark is the son of Hugh!!!

MWI is one of the central themes of CTF and an understanding of why such a strange theory came about is crucial if one wants to really understand why so many scientists feel that CTF has logical validity.

If anybody is located within travelling distance of the Wirral I will be doing a series of lectures that will attempt to explain MWI. This lecture has been presented to three different groups of the Scientific & Medical Network and I am told is a reasonable attempt to make understandable a complex but fascinating topic.

These talks will be at Heswall Library on 2nd February at 1430,Bebington Central Library at 1100 on 9th February and West Kirby Library at 1430 on the 23rd. Note that these are all Saturdays.

I have also been invited to do a similar talk at the Devon & Cornwall Group of the Scientific & Medical Network on the 16th February (time and location to be agreed).


Carenza Waters said...

There only has to be as many Everett universes as there are conscious beings! The objective universe is really just a set of probabilities.

If the universe is a 'raw' signal, then we each filter it in our own unique way. We each have our own lens through which we see it.

Anthony Peake said...

You are quite right. Each of us inhabits our own universe and we act as a lens (holographic process maybe) that focuses the raw signal. I like this idea a lot. It fits in with Copenhagen, MWI and Bohm's 'Implicate Order'.

Carenza Waters said...

Using the lens analogy avoids the need for other people to be 'puppets' in our own world. Through either of our two lenses, we see our own worlds. But if we look at each other through BOTH lenses, we see each other according to our own standpoints. Does that make sense? :/