Friday 16 November 2007

Being there when I need me

An unusual thing happened when I had my most recent anger outburst - I actually maintained my presence, which normally I blow with the ferocity (Margaret, my partner said it was the first time she didn't find it terrifying). When I blew it in the past, it led to the collapse of my internal order (control) and almost inevitably a migraine or TLE episode. I believe my attacks are mini-deaths because my wife says that my breath always stank like rotten meat (Being a nurse she knows what it smells like).
They are backing out of this world in a fit of pique (rage abandonment or blowing a fuse because you cannot control something outside of you - a kind of existential panic, where you feel you are not really here as in dream paralysis). Wally Thornhill talks of the Electric Universe on his site and I think we equate anger with stormy weather for the same reason - it is a violent attempt to ground energy as film from space missions have shown - we only see the strike from the clouds, down not space into the clouds as was recently discovered.

In Carlos Castenadas Don Juan books, it was mentioned that the calves are where energy is stored for travel (One of the later books) - probably as a springboard effect, catapulting you forward somewhere. Well I get that, along with terrible tension in various joints (I'm always cracking my knuckles, neck, shoulders, wrists, lower back, knees, ankles and left big toe (?)). I always put most of my migraine attack effects down to travel sickness. Since then I've expanded my knowledge of the situation to take in alcohol poisoning, altitude sickness and the bends - all of which are about pressure change, which led me to wonder if a decompression chamber would help in attacks (An email to The Medical Research Council, revealed a successful experiment had been carried out on this and I suggested to some migraine charities that perhaps a Gamow Bag as used for mountain sickness, might be a better alternative as it was portable but nobody took me up on it, not even the inventor himself). Last note on this - could this explain why it was recorded that when somebody dies, they lose a few ounces in weight? Could it be that literally the pressure is off them and would people in similar situations, show the same loss, even if not necessarily dead? (NDE's, TLE experiencers, Migraine sufferers, people astrally projecting etc).

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Anthony Peake said...

May I take the opportunity to formally thank 'Paige' for his interesting and challenging comments/observations. He and I are also in regular email contact and I know that he has been ploughing through ITLAD and commenting on this blog as he has read the sections. On a personal level I find many of his observations personally relevant. For example I have experinced many times that migraine irrationality effect. In my next book I will expand upon this in more detail but in my opinion this is the area were possibly TLE and migraine overlap.