Sunday 4 November 2007

The Golden Compass

On the 5th of December (7th December in the USA) 2007 a film will be released that will be of profound interest to all members of this Blog. Many of you will no doubt be aware of it. It is called 'The Golden Compass' and will star Nicole Kidman and my fellow Wirralian Daniel Craig. This film is based on the fantastic book 'Northern Lights' - the first volume of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy.

Central two the storyline are three elements of a great deal interest to us; the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad, The Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics (MWI) and Gnostic theology. For those of you who have read ITLAD you will know that these are also the cental themes of my Cheating The Ferryman theory (CTF).

I am hoping that this may be the opportunity I have been waiting for. Interest in Daemons will be at fever pitch from December onwards. I am sure the film is going to be massive so the concept of the Daemon will be discussed in papers, magazines and on the media. Now we know that the Daemon is far more than just a fictional device used by Philip Pullman - it is a provable part of the human psychi. The same will happen with regard to MWI and Gnosticism, but probably less so than interest in the cuddly Daemon Pantalaimon.

I am keen for my theory to be broadcast to as many people as possible. I know that I am really asking a lot here but I am hoping that being a member of this group means that you are, like me, really taken by the CTF theory and want it to be much better known outside of our small circle. Can you help me on this?

For example phone calls to local radio stations when the inevitable discussions take place with regard to the film (I know that it will be hotly debated because of the seemingly anti-religious theme of the film). Also letters to national newspapers will also be of a great help. Magazines such as Fortean Times, New Scientist, Focus etc also leap to mind. I am sure that those of you outside the UK all have similar magazines in your country.

One particular avenue seems very promising. People can post comments on the NMDB website - I know that this is read by thousands of people.

Obviously I will be doing all I can to publicise the book to as many media areas as possible. But I am an unknown, first-time, writer that only a handful of people are aware of

I promise that I will not forget any assistance that you give at this crucial stage. This could be the time that ITLAD breaks into the Weltgeist!

You can help me make it happen.

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