Thursday 8 November 2007

Sleeping pill that wakes you up

There have been two interesting TV programs recently and I shall do a separate posting for the other. Firstly, BBC1's, One Life, covered a certain sleeping pill that had been waking people up from coma's, Zolpidem. It made me wonder if this was similar to the Dopamine effects mentioned by Oliver Sacks in his book Awakenings and from the same or a similar cause i.e. an existential battle going on in the mind of the person afflicted, which stops healing of the affected organs/parts by them? In other words, if they surrended to reality perhaps they'd heal naturally but as they're in denial about their true state, they cannot? (stuck in their bodies, dreaming rather than waking up and interacting with external reality).

Not sure if this totally relevant to Daemon and Eidolon, except as how conflict may take us away from peace and the greater picture, leaving us trapped in a prison cell that destroys awareness of other realities, outside of us. What is perception but awareness of difference? (sensations/eidolon/childhood). What is thought but the same, internally? (daemon/adulthood). Consciousness (sight) is the full stop on action as unconsciousness (sound/ release)starts it up: Concentration and dispersal of attention (energy).

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