Thursday 15 November 2007

Religion is a chocolate box

Firstly, back to your book: Jesus couldn't die for anyones sins, only his own, as our own acts lead to our own fate, good or bad.

Secondly, I wouldn't say Gnosticism died out, so much as escaped (served its purpose and left). It was an escape tunnel from the conflict that ensured the survival of Christianity etc. (Conflict forms matter - see arrows pointing inwards analogy in previous post or Scientology's 'ridge' of energy, plus post before this one by me, on intelligent design and lies). Another thing is that dualism cannot help but be stumbled upon over and over again (self-discovery) - so, unlike hypocrisy, it isn't an attempt to be unique (special - capturing you by your ego) but accepting your sameness (commonality with all life).

In this state of grace/bliss, you can't hold back anything, physical or mental (No secrets or lies/ no possessions). Patrick McGoohans TV series 'The Prisoner', covered this i.e. The freedom of the individual to explore and create, versus society's (The other 'state') urge to control you and get you to conform/tow the party line: If there is only you in the universe as a force, who else is to blame for your failures/ the way things are? (No subordinates). You're either a pack animal (follower) or a loner (individual) - cat or dog people (Beverly Nicholls).

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