Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A question of balance

There's a new series on BBC2 TV (Tuesdays at 9.00pm) called 'Earth: Power of the Planet'. I found it interesting because the host, a geologist, mentioned several times mechanisms, which like homeostasis in the body, brought the globe back to the state it started off from (CO2 - volcanic activity bringing it back to the surface and life sending it down into the depths/ Mountains, ironically creating the cooling effect, leading to weather erosion, that will wear them down: Think of peas in a saucepan, bubbling to the surface, then sinking again - creating a continual exchange pattern between surface and base). This ties in with the relationship of opposites, creating balance and my theory that the universe works on what I call an Accumulation/ Discharge Cycle (2 Worlds Exchange), which of course connects to Tony's theory of Daemon and Eidolon and a vision I had of the future and worked for but which may just be a dud, falling into Everetts Many Worlds theory - true somewhere else but not here (visit my site for T-shirt designs in the gallery and site intro. for more details of theory

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