Wednesday 7 November 2007

The Measured Approach (Defining Terms)

The way I see it time and energy are measurements* of flow (verbs) and, space and matter are nouns (measurements of stability: Quantities/ What 'is' as opposed to potential (was or will be)): Scientology's 'MEST' (matter, energy, space and time). Time is I further believe, a measurement of change as space is a measurement of distance travelled.

Now is the border between future and past, and where we are at, at a particular time (on matter/in space): The cusp of being, indicated in an old woodcut, showing a man poking his head through the daylight air and coming out into the night sky (Think also of walking through a waterfall, where the past is a blur of water and the future an impenetrable rock - only the present air reveals anything visible). Dissect the body into back and front, and you'll see we're always heading into the future and away from the past (sensing/looking out for what is to come and ignoring (leaving behind) what is gone).

The speed at which time flows (or not) is dependent upon release or binding of matter as energy (or energy being slowed down and converted into matter: Aimed forward, it pushes you back into the past (memory) - aimed backwards it projects you into the future (imagination). Think of a water cannon at the front or a rocket booster on your back.

Lori Anderson wrote a song (meditation) on walking, which made me realize that we project (teleport) ourselves forward through space/time and re-collect ourselves as matter (form) at the other end (Thrower and catcher). Society works this way too - think of one of those Slinky toys (springs) that could 'walk' down stairs. This also puts a new light on Christs saying that the first will be last and the last, first (top,bottom and bottom, top) as a natural consequence of movement (flow).

* Measurement, like language, can take any form you like because it is arbitary, not obligatory (set in stone). If this was not the case then there wouldn't be several ways of measuring things or more than one tongue upon the Earth.


Anthony Peake said...

The world needs more radical thinkers like you my friend. Most people wander through life without ever questioning the things the see about them. For them things just 'are' and that is it. For you (and I would like to believe, me)the universe is a fascinating place full of wonder and mystery. A place far more complex than we can ever really understand. But that doesn't stop us trying to find out. After all if Einstein had not wondered what he would see if he could travel alongside a light beam many of the secrets of the universe would still be unknown to us. I am particularly taken by you 'nouns' and 'verbs' analogy.
Synchronicity time two as well. 1.Last week I called into the Scientology shop in Manchester. I have long been of the opinion (and I I am keen to have your opinion on this, that my Daemon and Scientology's 'Operating Thetan' have a lot in common.
2. Laurie Anderson cropped up recently in another discussion I was having. I am not sure but it may even have been the same song - Walking & Falling of the album Big Science. Even if it is not I find it interesting that somebody whose music I enjoyed many years ago is mentioned twice in a few days when I have not heard anything by her or about her for at least twenty years.

paigetheoracle said...

Oui mon General! It was walking and falling from Big Science! As for Operating Thetan being the Daemon I'd agree. I also believe Observer Two is Scientology's 'File Clerk'. I also find the idea of Genetic Entities and Demon Circuits interesting but not in this connection, however the reactive (emotional) and analytic(intellectual) mind fall in with Daemon and Eidolon as do Castenada's Nagual and Tonal (Surprised you got to that late but maybe you were putting it on a back burner, to surprise yourself with later!). By the way may add to the above post.

paigetheoracle said...

I forgot two other related Scientology terms (at least how I use them) - Anchor Points and Engrams. Engrams are about traumatic memories that 'anchor' you in physical reality in my opinion - which therapy (joy/release of attention) frees you from. Scientology believes only engrammatic material sticks in your mind or is important but I believe 'all' memory is about impressions left in your mind by external events entering your reality.