Tuesday 20 November 2007

Movement effects upon body

Movement leads to the build up of static electricity, where we most connect/rub up against with the environment, I've noticed. I've noticed 'frisking' helps relieve this (bunching the tips of the fingers up and rubbing them briskly against the sore/affected part i.e. palms of hands, soles of feet, crown of head (?)). Massage of the hip joints also helps as does manipulation of the neck, lower spine and shoulders. This helps with ordinary long distance walking but also soul travel because the body acts as a spring, accumulating energy that creates tension in the body (Eidolon) that when released, catapults The Daemon forward into the future - or at least that is my perception of what happens (See American Indian 'Ghost Dancers' and recent group in Italy, featured in Kindred Spirit, that could do it too ('80's? 90's?))

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