Friday 16 November 2007

Daemon/Eidelon symmetry?

In past work in control theory I came upon a class of process termed 'anticausal'. They are distinctive because their response begins before the stimulus that caused it!

I implemented these processes by splitting them into a forward time component and a reverse time component, the second of which is applied to the stimulus data in reverse.

This has set me wondering: We see the Daemon as the 'higher being' because it has access to the future, but maybe the Daemon and Eidelon are symmetric equals. Maybe the Eidelon seems as magical to the Daemon as the Daemon seems to the Eidelon!!

Causality is one of the enigmas of our existence. Maybe, as beings, we became split into causal and anti-causal components, one seeing the past, the other the future. It maybe that the Daemon sees causality too - in reverse by our standards - but appearing no less enigmatic.


paigetheoracle said...

I put this kind of point in one of my posts - Daemon dealing with dreams of future-past and Eidolon dealing with past reality and present indicative (If it doesn't run forward and make logical sense, then it can't be true).

Anthony Peake said...

This whole issue of the relationship between the daemon and the eidolon is an area that we need to look into in more detail. As well as Paige I know that ADarkPhilosopher is also interested in this aspect of CTF. Myself and ADarkPhilosopher will hopefully be meeting up soon to discuss how he may be able to apply some of his knowledge and skills to this issue. I will not mention here exactly what this will incorporate because the idea is purely his and should he wish to discuss this radical (and fascinating) suggestion on this blog I do not wish in any way to take credit for this. I am hopeful that he may discuss it in a future posting. Watch this space!

Carenza Waters said...

I suspect the Eidolon and Daemon are one and the same - in some rebirths we experience life going forwards, in others life going backwards. But causaility appears to rule in both cases (i.e. neither seems 'mad').

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thank You Tony for the introduction (I am indeed ADarkPhilosopher) and I refer you to my earlier post from July 2007 regarding my Misallignment of the Bohmian IMAX theory here: schizophrenic-influencing-machine-in.html

I am fascinated by Carenza's similar ideas to my own and I may write a follow up on my most recent research into this theory soon.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Also, the implications of this theory within Mental Health are potentially huge.