Sunday 18 November 2007

Test to show right (Daemonic) or left (Eidolonic) Dominance

Herbie Brennan has pointed out to me this fascinating exercise. Check out:,21985,22556281-661,00.html

I am sure that this is the wrong way round.

have just checked this out with my wife (strong maths and sciences biased & very grounded rationalist) and my father-in-law who is up here from Devon for the weekend (engineer and similar to his daughter). They both see the dancer going clockwise. I could only see it as counter-clockwise. They both agree that the descriptions are reversed in that they are firmly in the dominant hemisphere camp whereas in their opinions I am clearly a non-dominant hemisphere type being am much more intuitive etc. Clearly we are different but the descriptions are in reverse. I think that non-dominant (right brain) will see the dancer going anticlockwise and the dominant (left brain) will see her dance clockwise.

However the moment I decided to write something I looked at the screen and she had changed direction to clockwise. Clearly this was because I wasw using my left brain (dominant) to write something. Simply fascinating.

I think that this is a fantastic test to show if a person is 'Daemon' or 'Eidolon' dominant.

Thanks Herbie!

What do you think?

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