Sunday 18 November 2007

Servants of the Light

I would just like to post a personal thank you to Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and her fellow members of the Servants of the Light for allowing me to attend a part of their Gathering of the Lights ceremonies on Friday 16th November. I found it fascinating and a thoroughly enlightening experience (pun unintended). I was made extremely welcome and the response to my presentation was fantastic. For those of you that have attended my talks in the past you will know that I always do a straw pole of the audience with regard to the experiencing of deja vu. In virtually every one of my previous talks the 70%-30% split is observed (70% have experienced deja vu and 30% have not). I was amazed, but not surprised, to observe that it seemed that 100% of the members had experienced deja vu. If deja vu is evidence that the experiencer is existing within the Bohmian IMAX then clearly a positive interest in esoterica is brought about by this location.

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