Wednesday 14 November 2007

Time is on my side

Time broken down into sections, seems shorter because it is more interesting but in fact is longer through the journey being broken and full of diversions. This is the lesson of the French Speleologist:- A journey without interruptions and diversions is shorter but seems longer because it is emotionally boring (Sensory deprivation effect): Cold fill (thought/intellect) as opposed to hot outburst (action/emotion). Think of time differences thus - if you're working, time flows in a habitual pattern of minor differences/major sames but if you're 'resting', you can explore anything you like (Time to think versus lost in activity/concentration i.e. consciousness focused on a single spot versus dispersal of attention i.e. free to wander through a field of ideas. The worrier shrinks time to nothing (panics) because he fears he will lose it. The warrior relaxes to encompass it all. Talking of habit - the Don Jaun approach is to abandon it: Those you can't wake up to the truth, you leave behind, creating a new community, a new system, a new world to live in. The alternative is as JFK said, violent revolution "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable" (compression/suppression, leading to explosion as in The Matrix: Opt out (dream) or fight in (Eidolon).

Time and life as a journey is central to Eidolon if not Daemon, I believe (Thought - inner quest versus action - outer quest). The pills I'm taking now for my migraines now are sedatives, which coupled with the fact I'm dreaming consistently again, plus as I said I seem to have also cut off from UFO's as a subject too, symbolizing the future, and higher education, symbolizing the mind/intellect, means I'm moving into the past (concentrating on the physical): I used to dream about being at university all the time, now it is a rare subject. Sleeping where you don't (the Lethe effect) is I believe because you're entering the future - where, when you re-member it, you're slipping into the past (Catching up with Eidolon/sorting out material situations) as my dream about Diss, the other night, proved.

I get time jumps, like Preistly's dying youth, but mine is about the direction the world is taking (more intuitive). For instance I read or see something on TV and know what the next stage/move should be and I don't think I'm alone in this ability.

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