Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Grand Opera or bad (waking) dream?

This is personal and relates one of several paranormal adventures I had with various female friends. It is the first and strongest and I'm not sure how other people will react to it or judge it.

It began when I was living in London. I had this sudden urge to visit my brother's house, one he shared with some others. When I got there I found he was at work and the place was empty but for Jane, the only female member of the household. One thing led to another and the situation blossomed into a relationship. It transpired that when I turned up she was contemplating suicide and my appearance saved her from that. We stayed in the house during a kind of incubation period that lasted several weeks. In this time we both felt powerful forces at work in the form of Biblical proportions, that we both thought of as Jesus and the disciples (Does this make us both insane as it was a shared delusion?). I felt that I was part of a group - the rest being non-corporeal and that I was their with Jane, to give birth to a powerful spiritual being (A second coming?). Anyway the situation fell apart when I left to do some shopping after being cooped up with her for several weeks. When I got back, it turned out she'd walked out of the house in just her dressing gown and got dragged off to the local hospital, just up the road and then the local looney bin, which was just a little further up on the same road (She'd got picked up quickly because the police station was just round the back of the house on a parallel road). I got her out of the mental hospital but that was the end of the relationship and I never saw her again: It transpired that this was the second episode in her life where she had walked out on the street like this - the first was when a boyfriend had dumped her and again she'd been picked up and carted away to a mental hospital and been diagnosed as being Schizophrenic.

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