Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Lo and behold!

When I wrote a previous post a few days ago I had in mind a case I saw on a satellite channel of a man who saw Roman soldiers march out of a wall in York. And would you believe - that very same program was on Sky last night! Some might have seen it - written and presented by Wiliam Woollard? I wonder if Professor Archie Roy would be a champion for CTF? He's a pretty open-minded fellow.


Anthony Peake said...

Intersting you mention this particular case. I have never seen the programme but for just over a year I worked in Yok at the Nuffield Pury Cust Hospital right next door to the Minster. At the time there was only around ten of us working in the whole building. I was told that the area we we worked in (called Precentor's Court)was haunted and that a person had been seen coming through the staircase in a very similar fashion.

Carenza Waters said...

The chap in question was in a cellar at the time. I think he was an employee of the Church and remained silent about what he saw for many years. So it may well have been the Minster where the event occured.

Seeing this program after thinking about it is one of several 'synchronistic' events that have occured to me recently.