Thursday 15 November 2007

Liars have good memories

If the world is an artificial construct, then you're going to need to rebuild that falsehood continually. People with imagination, want to create something new - hence they are seen as destroyers (rebels) of the old order, rather than bringers of the new (The war in Heaven).

On the question of accident or purpose, with regards to NDE's - personally I believe that if the universe was built on deliberate intent: Mind creates form from energy, turning it into matter (i.e. solidifying it, creating building blocks through evolution, to reach this stage with intelligent, opposable thumbed bipeds), then 'accident' is a concept or belief not a fact. Think of it like this - if you want to build something, you first need an idea, then to amass the raw materials for it, before refining them to fit your purpose. As you learn more about the product you built, you refine it even more, improving things as you go along - from Model T to a modern, state-of-the-art, car. Now look at the world. Without the mineral kingdom, the plant one could not have got hold. Without plants, animals couldn't have come along and without animals, no us. I see an intelligent design, a purpose to life by an invisible presence, continually leading us forward as beings, much as a good teachers presence is almost invisible as they lead us to seemingly make discoveries on our own but they know where they are taking us as 'they have been there themselves, before' (The Daemon). 'God knows' what the eventual form will be but we don't, until later - just as raw processors in car factories continue their part in the chain, without needing to know what the end product of their effort is, even if the vehicle designer does (unconscious direction/part of the whole dream but not the dreamer).

It's the Daemon that lives on and is eternal - Eidolon is the shell (Don Juans mould of man), a vehicle to get you from A to Be (past to future, through/as the medium of the present:- with time itself as wear and tear)

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