Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Diving - the pressure connection

From experience I believe their is a connection between pressure and being awake/ in control plus lack of it and being dead (passive/immobile/malleable). Pressure increases heartbeat and therefore physical activity, so without it we'd be forever in limbo (a coma/asleep - the state of the Daemon). I liken it to diving in a pool. To reach the bottom, you need to squeeze all the life out of you and shrink so that you can sink (Become a tiny ball). To get out of it again, all you need do is relax and float free (reach the surface - the dispassionate and disbelieving state of The Daemon). When you're in the driving seat it all seems so real - step out of the car (body/Eidolon) and virtual reality becomes unreality as you're no longer moving 'with' it.

Another related point is that certain things/processes occur at certain levels, where the conditions are right for their existence - hence synchronicity doesn't occur all the time, we don't see ghosts or flying saucers daily, we don't have depth of thought and great insights. Science doesn't believe in the paranormal because it cannot be reproduced in the laboratory easily but it already knows that chemical and physical reactions need environmental control to be successfully created by them, themselves (Some elements only exist in the lab because they have been artificially made for instance, so why not the paranormal?).

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