Wednesday 7 November 2007

Speed of Light/Times Winged Chariot

I find it funny that heat excites matter so that it disperses rapidly (meat rotting for instance) plus cold concentrates and preserves it - yet time seems to 'slow down' in the former case and 'speed up' in the latter case. Could it be down to connecting to eternity (The whole picture - space/time continuum or infinity/eternity: E-motion) which has no barriers, versus compartmentalization of reality, into smaller and smaller sections (rapidity/ minuteness: Intellect).

Maybe fever (internal heat) confirms Einsteins belief that time slows down, the nearer we reach the speed of light, if as you say, the former (heat) is just a facet of the latter (light): The case of the Doctors Wife in the book. Could this also be why dance leads to mystical states? (Heated up particles (being) projected into the future).

This goes back to what I said elsewhere about matter and energy (body and spirit) being like a volcano - the live part of us (potential) lies within and the dead part (personal history) surrounds us as a crust. Energy exists as potential - when it
takes form it becomes actual (matter). Think of a building. It requires a plan to get built. Materials may exist independently but construction requires them to be collected together in one place (a-massed), then thrown up to form a particular shape. Entropy ensures the building decays over time (goes back to potential) as only when new is anything pristine (perfect). Without maintenance the structure collapses - with it 'something' is always in this particular place, unless deliberately destroyed (pulled down).

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