Friday 30 May 2008

American Philosophy and a new Perspective on ITLAD

In my work as a writer/philosopher, I use my own blog as a venue in which to publicly explore various aspects of politics, culture, and philosophy. I have recently posted a piece centered on Tony Peake and Karl L Le Marcs, and their theories as applied to a dilemma within American academia.

I thought some of the bloggers here might be interested in reading the piece, and remarking on it in the comments below:

Click here for my article entitled:

"On Quantum Theory, Afterlife and Consciousness: 2 British Midwives to our National Pregnancy"


Karl Le Marcs said...

SM Kovalinsky: Well, Susan Marie, my Dear Lady, what can I say?

I'm enormously flattered and deeply humbled by your kind words often, but this is simply astounding and a superbly written article.

I have commented on your own blogsite regarding this beautiful post previously, but wish to repeat here that I thank Tony for selflessly allowing me to ‘borrow’ elements of his theory and develop them into new aspects and avenues of philosophy, theoretical physics and consciousness studies.
(with a few gags thrown in on the way, obviously)

I thank you, Susan Marie, for your wondrous words and your constant support on this blogsite.

Hopefully the Über-Theory, or BIGTOE (Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory Of Everything) that Tony and I are embarking on will become as important as ITLAD and CTF by working into his magnificent theory and book my own “Collapsing The Consciousness Wave” theory into a fresh area we can term “New-Tony-An” Physics.

*nerd giggles*

Positioned correctly and marketed effectively, I feel sure we are on the path which will lead us to a deeply scientific, yet intrinsically spiritual dualistic theory that unifies many others currently vying for authenticity, and such would position us, as you so eloquently put, in a strong position to address the schism in the US regarding what is Science and what is Spirituality.

It will be interesting to see what our fellow ITLADists make of this as all of you have played a significant part in making this blog what it is, and in developing these theories as works in progress.

So I thank Susan Marie for her article, I thank Tony as ever and I thank all who ramble here, as from these ramblings we now have something very powerful and, I think, of supreme importance.

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Jesamyn said...

Oh wow, I need to read this more than once but I must be second in line to comment so will do a *preliminary* one!!!You so brilliantly and eloquently put all the wondrous elements of the Key Players of the Itladian theory so well... surely joining our Conga line of fellow believers and new thinkers globally.. if I had not heard of the Blog and had read your article I would have moved Heaven and Earth to find out more about it...please forgive short post as I wish to explore further.And re read in a state of grace!!!
Highest Regards always and a lotta love too!!!

Rosh said...

u have a gift susan marie,which u have used so well..i read your blog and WOW!

Shiva said...

Awesome! Not since reading Alice Bailey's books have I been so blown away by the eloquence of your writing! I love it.

Anthony Peake said...

Susan Marie,

What can I say. Your support for me and my work brings a lump to my throat.

When I began writing the book back in 2000 I was given to wonder as to why I was writing it and what would, should I find a publisher, be my own personal proof of success. I remember at the time thinking that if my book touched just one person then it would all be worthwhile.

Never in my wildest dreams did I consider what has really happened ... but my criteria of success still applied and in my humble opinion you, Susan-Marie, have been that person that my writing was to reach out to. My Daemon certainly knew what it was doing.

Your article on your blog is simply the most wonderful acknowledgement of my work. It is written from the heart and that is always the best source.

I have no idea if ITLAD will fulfill its potential but for me my writing has already received its ultimate accolade.

Thank you.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Oh, Tony. Thank you. It is accomplished.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: I have published your second remarks on my blog, and do not think the order will have any ill effect. I thank you for your kindness and your own special perceptive and intuitive nature. I agree whole-heartedly that you and KLLM create a lovely synthesis, the most beautiful and sublime expression of the Hegelian dialectical process of history, which is a surging and merging of wondrous beauty, and I love and honor you both for being that.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie and Tony: Thank you both for your kind words (here and on SMK's blog). I'm often Hegelian (in dialectics) but more often Feuerbachian in subjectivity (for those that care about these things)

My hope is that Tony and I can draw together and produce the synthesis of "We", that can then work as one to formulate our unifying theory, unless I have to walk the path alone, which isn't my preferred method, but is one I am prepared to undertake if necessary.

SM Kovalinsky said...

ROSHNI AND SHIVA: Thank you so much for your generous praise as per my blog and writing. Very sweet , and most appreciated.

KLLM: To my thinking, the greatest compliment possible, man to man, scholar to scholar, is the one which Tony has given to you: That you are viewed as his second within the Hegelian dialectical process of thesis/antithesis: surging, merging, fusing, and giving birth to a synthesis. I would swoon at such praise from Peake. You are singularly placed with him: He has shown you it; do not doubt it, it is wholly so. Thank him well.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: I agree mostly with your words although your last comments suggest I am ungrateful in some way, which I would entirely hope Tony knows full well is completely NOT the case.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Well, KLLM: I was not intending to imply any ingratitude on your part, but disbelief as a younger colleague to Peake. You misconstrue: No offense in the world! None whatever. Just a gratitude on my own part to Tony. Please understand. Of course your stance toward him is always gracious, always.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Thank You for your clarification but age is irrelevant, especially as I am much older than my years, and Tony is much younger than his, so we meet on a very level playing field I find (or pub as a more accurate metaphore)!

SM Kovalinsky said...

Point well taken: You are wholly in the right. My remark expressed my own feeling of deference to Tony, and probably not because he is my senior in age, but my superior in worth, as you are also, despite being my junior. I am sorry for the wrong inference, and I withdraw that you are his younger colleague.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Thank you but in my eyes no-one should be superior or inferior to anyone else.

We are all one consciousness just subjectively experiencing itself.

Everyone has an equal part to play which makes the whole so much stronger.


johar said...

Susan Marie,

You do yourself proud and you do the 'Birthing Boys' proud!

An amazing article, beautifully written in your forthright, clear style. A pleasure to read.

Thank you

SM Kovalinsky said...

Johar: Thank you for your sweet comments, and I also enjoy your writing style. Were Tony and Karl not the great men that they are , I could never have been so inspired as to write as I did. Thank you, and I thank them as well. It was an honor to write on them.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Aw Shucks!

SM Kovalinsky said...

Well, wait 'til you get hit with what's heading toward you by way of remarks on my own blog site, tomorrow, by a WPU faculty member.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Gorblimey !!!